Fire And Ice

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Athena as the goddess of wisdom and knowledge, but she also was the goddess of literature, courage, inspiration, civilization, law, justice, strategic warfare, math, strength, art, crafts, and
skilled labor. Her domain overlapped with that of Ares. They both were in charge of war, but Athena presided more over the strategy of war while Ares was more in charge of the combat itself.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018




Fire engulfing flames

Frozen icicles dangles from the name

Surly game

Wicked fame

No love delivered, words are not the same

Cold rush

Slithering around as much

Serenity as Fire stands

Netted in a treacherous romance

An endless life dance

Presence felt

Whispers met

Fire’s nemesis little pet

Ice is very cold, ask Mr. Winter

Sip the wine of a Goddess in front of a warm fire, then have the displayed feast for dinner

Casting fireplace with logs to provide Ice its warmth, a second Amour to coat skin

Seductive uttered lies, a ten commandment sin

Two-edge double sword from night to day

Games, Fire don’t play

Burn baby burn, teeth sank deeper than a wishing well

Hell grooms the enemy's soul, with cheaply fables to sell

Vessel of a human with mischievously intentions, one could never tell

Twinkling Stars, I give you the Moon

Fire scorches, then gone too soon

Ice veins as your presence impishly calls

Greek statues to stand, proudly and tall

Fire to skin, flames to the mind, isn’t life just grand

Coveting the mind of a gifted man

Riddles of the freeze

Melt down of the mind, for all to see

Only foolish ones would attempt to believe

Found within the arts, harbors a dark mind to perceive

Not an ounce of dignity to mentally conceive

Fire extinguished for hollow peace

Ice shattered, broken lease

Athena, Goddess of wisdom, skills, warfare, and tactics

Hitting the target, no misses

Diplomatic in conflicts

No one’s speaking Ebonics

Universal sultry skills

A wise owl, olive tree, the city of Athens, from a compassionate deal

Bow and Arrow, a direct target to soothe or kill

Intellectual mind as it spiritually flows

Greek Mythology noted, as saving weary souls

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