Casual normality

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Casual normality

The heart will (make) hope tilt an normal plot as the heart chills The fonts real love will dual like Jack and Jill as the hearts zeals The heart peels the hearts meal a suspect that accepts the hearts feel The one who takes hearts deal ,(which is)just over slum love over dust well done over none the hearts trust the all for one one for all The Lord 'will' 'come' The 'calling' 'call'(to my understanding ' ' is used when referencing/directing exactness upon a term especially when the exact usage/action of the term differs from the literary recording of the term) This one will veal the hearts boss the causating cause the heart of all The heart will call the heart will come the spawn of jump of the response of the bond of some The adjust of 'the' 'heart' of 'gold'an 'spirit' that pose possess by the heart that knows Casual normality addressed of the causate originality where the heart that gulps cold warmth that woahs the woes cozy mold an heart thats bold

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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