Mysterious Red

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Most kids her age attend high school and worry about which boy will take them to homecoming or prom. She works for the mafia.

Nora Clark, at the ripe old age of sixteen, is a high school graduate. The mafia uses her psychic abilities to always kill the right person and guarantee wins at the races to make the most of their
money. She shuts down her morals time and time again, shedding blood at such a young age to keep her father alive in the hospital and to take care of her younger brother.

When one pesky police officer starts poking around and piecing together the puzzle, she has to make a decision. Keep him alive, and have him killed before he causes any problems for her, her
family, or her job. She can play innocent all she'd like, but how long will it hold him back before he realizes she's nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing? That she's the young woman the media
has taken to calling Mysterious Red?

Table of Contents

Chapter One - IT'S DONE

Submitted: April 27, 2018

Friday: October 30, 2015 THE MAN walked easily through the darkness of the house. The lights were off and he had his eyes closed,... Read Chapter