History of Writing

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This is something I had to write for english so i hope you like this.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018




History of Writing By:the writer

Has human society ever wondered about writers and their writing? If they have questions about, well, the future, changes, differences, and facts, this could be exactly what our kind is looking for! And those things could answer the question everyone has been wondering.

The future has quite oodles of possibilities. Technology can help the future generation by letting the next genesis type faster on a laptop, computer, or some device that has a keyboard. Some think using technology to write is amazing. However, some people don’t. Lee Rourke said, “I can sit in a corner of a cafe’ unnoticed and write to my heart’s consent.” If and when society writes with a pen-and-paper, they can grasp what they’re writing better. If pen-and-paper writing dies out, humanity might not be able to read handwritten items well. (Lee Rourke)

Change is naturally occuring in human’s lives. Change can be good or bad. Technology has changed  handwriting, and Anne Chemin says how. “No one can say precisely how much handwriting has declined, but in June a British survey of 2,000 people gave some extent of the damage.” That means there is damage that has been dealt through change to handwriting. However, technology has also changed writing on laptops (and etc.) for the better by allowing human beings the ability to type faster and quicker. So it is very intriguing how technology can change our world-wide community for the stupendous and dissatisfactory facts of life. (Matthew Kirschenbaum)

And lastly, if we can know,and grasp, how things are done in the past, the differences may or may not be surprising to our society. Writers could be more like past writers if they could use less slang. Current writers differ from past writers because past writers wrote in the same way, probably because they all need the same amount of literature. Now-a-day writers write with new slang or literature of present days. Back in the old era of writing, writers wrote with a more deep sense of literature; more complex words and phrases that we current writers don’t fully grasp yet. Writing now-a-days is certainly more different from the early era of writing.  

There are so many different writers and different styles of writing, whether their style is beginner level or extremly advanced, or whether they prefer to use technology to write or pen-and-paper to write, it honestly doesn’t matter. It is just a preference. A preference that is most certainly varied upon the writer’s wrting style. Many fanastic writers write with technology, but on the other hand many start with pen-and-paper. It can be helpful to use pen-and-paper, but also very helpful to use technology. Many changes and differences have occured over the mass of the many centuries of writing and English literature. But that doesn’t mean that writers now are better or worse than writers back then. Same with writers back then. They could’ve been better than current writers, or worse. Writing will continue and advance, hopefully, just like the writer’s styles.


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