What happens when everything stops moving.

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Lore: I always used to look down at my hand and i’d see it twitch a little, and i’d realized everything is moving, i thought back to it and i realized that would make a good horror story so here
you go!

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018



Believe it or not everything you see is moving, a car, a plane, a tv, everything is moving. When you look down at your hand, Blood pumping through it, even it's still moving. Everything is moving. Everything. When i was about 14, i experienced what i thought was impossible, or what i still think is impossible. I witnessed what happens when things stop moving. It was april 23, 2018. “Hey mom, it's me again, I'm calling from school again. Im feeling sick, i'm going home. Bye.” I hung up as i put my chromebook away. It was about 12:30, My school goes until 3:25 PM. I wasn’t gonna make it that long. I finished packing up my stuff when i heard footsteps behind me and felt a decently sized hand hit my shoulder… nearly threw up. I looked back in a half fear half rage motion and realized it way my friend and nearly hit him in the face. As i nearly hit him in the face he backed up. “Woah, Woah calm down.” “You little, that hurt.” We both laughed and then calmed down. “You going home?” “Yeah, Im not feeling very well.” “3rd time this week.” “Yeah it really sucks.” “Well have fun not being at school.” “Thanks, I guess” “See yah” “Yeah”. I had gone home sick 3 times that week already, it was friday. I grabbed my backpack and shut my locker. My school is pretty weird, it's all connected by 1 giant hallway. That runs through the entire thing. From my classes to high school classes. I walked past office, waved to the person in the office, and went left. I lived decently close to the school. 5 minutes if i'm slow. During the walk home i kept getting a sleepy feeling. Not unsurprisingly though, i had stayed up to 2:00 Am the previous morning. I'm not gonna say that i'm rich but i live in a mason, fine my parents are rich. But i can’t help feeling small looking at that house. I opened the door and walked up to my room. I put my backpack down and laid down on my bed. I usually don’t fall asleep fast but i could make an exception. I passed out as or even before i hit the bed. As i slept i had a weird dream. It was all black and i only heard a voice. He didn’t say much, but it made it's point. “ Have you ever seen time stop?”. It may seem like a short dream, but i woke up after he ended the sentence, I had been asleep for 2 hours. When i came to it, I was still alone, at home. But something was different, something was wrong. I didn’t know what or why, i just knew. Like a gut instinct. I brushed it off as nothing. I got up and walked over to my desk. I sat down, took my computer, opened it and began to type. -What happens when time stops- “Enter”. It took like 2 seconds for the screen to load up. There was only 1 link on the page. “Http://03857893465870387.onion”. I froze, why was a deep web site on here, Why. But it was a deep web site. It may have decent information on the topic i'm researching… And i couldn’t do anything virus wise, it couldn’t, i don't have a tor browser on the computer. So with newfound confidence i pressed the link. The screen turned to a video. With the last of my courage, i pressed start on the video. It had a message written on the screen, it didn’t see to be moving. “So you really want to know?” And a green and red button appeared. Not feeling any better i pressed the green one. It had another message. “ Great now let's get started” It didn’t have anymore choices. “Mason.” I gasped, It was my name, how did it know my name. “ Turn off your camera.” I looked at the screen and laughed a bit then shut off the camera. “ You want to know what happens when everything stops, When time stops?” I spoke yes not thinking it would work. “Great” I laughed and said continue. “It's pretty hard to explain, why not show you.” I felt a sort of pulling feeling on my skull, the very back part of it. I reached up and there was nothing there. It stopped and i looked back up at the video. It had a new message. “It's more of an event, you’ll need to wait for it.” “Yeah thanks, i guess” It replied “Great your welcome, Goodbye.”. I felt sleepy for some reason. I got up and headed up to my bed. Agian passed out as i hit the bed. There was something strange this time. I… didn’t have a dream. Or at least i didn’t remember it. I woke and i couldn’t remember anything. The next day i got up as normal, nothing wrong, almost as if it never happened. I got to school and sat down at my desk. The moment i sat down, something weird happened. It, in general, Lasted about 5 seconds but it felt way longer. The moment i sat down, everything went gray. Like dark gray. Things didn’t just slow down, they stopped. They didn’t move. As if time had just froze. Color came back to the room. I was in awe to what just happened. But then max, the guy that almost made me though up right before i left school yesterday, saw me and asked in im feeling alright. I said yeah, and just at that moment, for a split second. I had general familiar feeling. Like pulling at the back of my skull, I brought my attention back to class. I made it through school today. But still did the same thing when i got home. The same thing happened, the weird dream of nothing. I still couldn’t remember what it was. I woke up, got ready, and left. Not much happened that day. Not much happened most days after that. But, there was something, everyday, when i were to sit down in my desk, first block, everything were to turn gray. But, there was a difference, it felt like, i wasn’t, the only person there. I got used to everything stop for a couple seconds, but i could not withstand the unmistakable feeling of feeling watched. More like the feeling of someone, standing next to me. Not like someone walking next not me. Like standing behind me. Directly behind me. After it color came back the feeling would go away. It was really weird. But, i never really saw anything, so i had no reason to freak out, right. That’s what i thought. But i soon realized that was wrong. About a week after withstanding all the feeling of being watched. I decided to try to talk to our little friend, in the void. Oh yeah by then that’s what i started calling it. Because it was something only me and this guy or thing could see. That day, i got up and felt it, i wasn’t in the void, but i felt a faint, feeling of being watched. I brushed it off and got up, this was the day, i was gonna do it, I was gonna talk to the guy that’s been watching me for the past week straight. I got up, got ready, and left. This time I got to my class, walked to my desk, and did the thing ive been doing for the past week straight. I sat down, and a familiar color came upon everything around me, Gray. This time was different. I not only felt, but heard the most disturbing sound almost ever, “Breathing”. I was froze for a unknown period of time, but i did try to turn around… tried. There was one thing i didn’t try, i was to busy to really think about it, but i hadn’t really ever tried to move in the void. I tried to move and it felt like a knife stabbed me in the back of the head. It was excruciating, and in record time, color sped back to the room and everything continued moving. I tried moving every day after that. After a couple days trying again, i was able to bear the pain. Five days after that, i was time. I did the useall, got to my desk, sat down, color and movement faded from very existence. I tried moving again. It still hurt, but i could take it. I looked behind me… I felt a anger boiling within me. There was nothing there. I turned back about to yell and froze. Standing on my desk… there was a figure… definitely not human… it looked like 8 feet tall… it was crouching on my desk… it's face inches away from my face still haunts me to this day… it didn’t have a face… it had no features… besides a nose without nostrils. After what felt like eternity, i tried to yell. But before even the slightest noise came out. It brought it's hand up, it looked more like a claw than a hand, and it stabbed me in the head. It was extremely different this time. Color didn’t fade back. Everything faded to a shade of red, then black. Well everything was black, i heard various voices some i recodized, some i didn’t. The most familiar, was my mother’s voice. “Happy birthday Mason, I love you, Please wake up soon.” It was at that moment that i woke up. I sprang out of the hospital bed, my mother was sitting next to me, she looked different, older. It looked like she was in shock, I still couldn’t hear very well, but i heard what she said, or what she screamed “Get the nurse, He’s awake!” I saw a girl i didn’t know run out of the room, she looked about 14 or 15. I looked back at my mother and she started crying. The nurse ran into the room. And i fell asleep. I woke up again, The nurse looked at me, and smiled. “Not everything might make sense right now, but you've been asleep for awhile. 14 Years to be exact. Just go back to sleep right now. The dream i had the same dream that i couldn’t remember, but i could see it now. It was the figure. I turned around, the figure was there, i tried to scream, it stabbed me in the head and i woke up. I sprang out of my bed like i did the first time, it took me sometime to calm down. After about 5 minutes, my mother walked in the room. “Hey, how do you feel” “Good-” i was shocked, my voice had been so deep i hadn’t recognized it. “Good” “Good, A Lot of things have changed, the night you fell into a coma, we figured out that…” “You figured out what mom?” “Well you see, You have a sister.” The same girl walked in, I began to cry. I hugged her and kept crying. “What's your name?” “Crystal” Her voice was, soft. Gentle, and kind. “Hi, I’m mason, nice to meet you.” we laughed. After 2 days i was realised. The day i got home i had walked in my room, and i heard sound that chilled me to the bone. Breathing.

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