Do Not Produce

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Well, this little writing is a sudden flow of some deep thoughts that comes from my profession by adding some sarcasm and a pinch of humor.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018



Hey X! (no reply), Heeey X (nothing again) HEY X (nothing happens and the subject keeps playing  or most probably bullying another subject.) Yes, this X is your lovely-innocent-little-kid who becomes lovely-evil-little kid in the classroom. At least they don’t change completely just one adjective.

This work of art is a guide-book-like for the parents or for the ones who are about to have sex to produce.

Take a deep breath.


Look, I know the romantic idea of having some little creature with the person that you are in love with sounds like a great idea. But please wait, until the tech people finds out a way to unkid.

That is correct, unkidding is a new approaching in parenting; after having a baby; if you fail to have a proper one you will be able to unkid. AND THIS WILL SAVE some poor teacher’s lives. Thanks in advance.

Follow the instructions;

If you’ve happened to have one already:

  1. Please, do not defend your child.

-Hi, X is a very creative and mature student who is aware of the classroom rules; however; she didn’t follow one rule by chewing the gum although we warned three times in a row. In the next sentence; you can enjoy the quotation directed fromthe mum. ‘’She didn’t know that chewing gum was not allowed in the school.’’ And the mummy who sucks at parenting takes this as an answer.

Everbody knows about gum stuff when you are a sperm.


  1. If some Holy Spirit (a teacher) calls you to talk about your child. What really happened is this: this beauty has tried every possible way to communicate with your child including sharing their favourite blue color crayon, and instead of having coffees with friends to bitch about your kid; this Holy Spirit called you.

Take that seriously.





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