A Bad Dream

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I've always believed that dreams mean nothing but, this one is keeping me think.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018



A Bad Dream

I am not sure if it is a dream or not, but strangely, I accepted this… being invisible and watching them moving everywhere. Samantha sitting on the couch holding our picture we took last summer… she is smiling, but her eyes are filled with tears. I didn’t try to touch her hands, but I drown there in those tears covering the beautiful eyes of her. I remember when we took that picture, we were on the beach and me the one who doesn’t like photos at all say
-“Babe, look at the camera and smile… let’s take a photo"... She was surprised, but also excited

She was wearing that blue hair scarf, matching with my blue shirt. We ran and played the whole day and when we were back home our little Carla was already sleeping between her grandma and our unique silver Labrador Max… it was a perfect day.

The loudest laughs of Carla while she was playing with Max stole our minds away… Sam put the photo back to the table and went to join them playing. Sitting there near the fire while watching them is completely amazing, but that pain in my chest is weird… I tried to ignore it but it doesn’t help. The pain is being deeper and much more… finally it’s hard to breathe, I saw them being far away from me… I tried to shout and call for help but no voice was being out of my mouth… everything became darker and it’s very cold. I was hardly able to take some air into my lungs, feeling sweat all over my body and being unable to move or even open my eyes until I felt her warm hands on my shoulder then heard her voice  
-“Johnny, are you okay… it’s only a bad dream… John wake up”
The pain was suddenly gone, but it’s still cold… I just opened my eyes and couldn’t move… only staring in her worried looks, hearing her voice but couldn’t understand a word. A few moments later I was completely awake and understood that it was a dream… bad one.
-“I’m okay, honey, don’t worry” When she heard my words her face released
-“My God… I was terrified, I tried to wake you up, but you just did not you’re pressing on your heart and sweating… I was about to call 911” She was crying while tightly holding my hand
-“Oh sweetie, I am sorry… it’s okay now… come here”

I opened my arms to embrace her, but I did not know whether this was to reassure her or reassure myself. The smell of her was enough to make me stop thinking of that dream and fall back to sleep… and when the alarm screamed in the morning I was the one who woke up first and could make it stop before she wakes up… I kissed her softly and went to have a quick shower while thinking of that strange dream… I’ve always believed that dreams mean nothing but, that one is keeping me think.

Two days later, at the weekend… I was back home after playing football with friends… nobody noticed I was back. Carla like always was running here and there with Max… and her toys are everywhere. The smell of dinner was wonderful… it remembers me the Christmas. I was looking for Sam to give her the beautiful red roses she loves when I found her sitting on the couch, holding a photo frame and trying to put our pic within the frame… she was smiling but that couldn’t prevent me from watching a speed version of my dream.

I didn’t know if that means a thing or not, but I was afraid. I didn’t know what’s next… I couldn’t know how to dissolve that fear or why I am sweating. Suddenly, I heard Carla shouting loudly
-“Dad,” She was running towards me…
-“Hey daddy’s girl” I lift her up and went towards Sam forgetting the whole stupid thoughts of that photo. Sam was finished framing the pic and said
-“Look babe, I printed it and framed to put it here… what do you think?”
-“You may not believe me, but I saw it in my dream”
-“So funny… go take a shower and I’ll make the table”
-“Okay, but who will put the flowers in water?” I said with a wink… she winked too, saying
-“but I can’t see those flowers”… when Carla said loudly
-“I know… it must be in the bag… I’ll bring them”
-“She is a smart girl” and we were laughing.

After dinner, I was sitting near the fire watching Sam pretending to read a book and I know she is completely away thinking of tomorrow’s picnic while Carla’s sleeping next to her on the couch… when Max came to sit near me.
My cell phone rang… it was Dr. Tom an old friend of my father… I went to his hospital because Sam insisted that I should make a check up to make sure all is okay.
-“Hello Johnny, I got your results and I am sorry to say this but your case is serious… come to see me tomorrow”... I started to feel the same pain but, it was dull… I smiled sarcastically thinking maybe it’s time to believe that bad dreams may come true…
I closed the phone thinking of how silly is this…
-“But, not today,” I said with a clear voice “not tonight”
When Sam heard me say
-“what did you say?”
I thought a little, then said
-“What about tonight? ... Would you like to go to the beach?”
-“Yes… don’t you like?!” I said with a smile

This time we were all at the beach Sam, Carla, Max and me. That day was perfect too.


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