Filthy Rich Junkie Artist Blues

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Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018



Filthy Rich Junkie Artist Blues


Picasso donated blood to heroin

For sleep and stillborn visions,

Emotional amnesia,

He was so courageous to make the decision,

And the natives cheered

As Icarus soared for the sun,

But as his wax began to melt

The natives mocked,

Disintergration sealed the flight

As light gave way to darkness

He crashed into a country without sight.


Picasso was a blind man

With a certain patronising way,

He wore a badge that read,

" Ask me what you want to see today."

He found himself a model

Confused by the night,

He told her of his desire,

She just laughed in his face,

The poppies of his passion couldn't take the fight

He just became another painting

Framed bare and white.


Now Picasso was an artist

He thought he'd conquered pain,

With a silver needle walking stick

He opened up romantic veins,

He flew towards the streetlights,

Breaking through

The stoned windows,

Of his fragile gothic mansion,

He dreamed another masterpiece in the cool financial night

And repeated his exhibition everytime he felt relaxed

And envied light.

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