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What? Wow ! C'mon, no way! Bummer! You know, I know a guy that that happened to, really. Truth. Did she really become a pole dancer? Cheese Louise, man, this is too real, right? We all know it
happens, friend; every day, 24/7, 365: the wheel of life.

Submitted: April 27, 2018

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Submitted: April 27, 2018




Life in The Raw

Short Short Stories

Nicholas Cochran




On May 27th at 11am David Ruggles was leaving his work at JJ Trax. He was preparing for a job interview at Maggnusson Dodge. From cleaning up at Ross he went to have breakfast at Applebee's along with one beer.

After leaving Applebee's he stopped over at a friend’s place of work to see if he could get a ride to his interview. Jasper couldn’t leave his work to give David a ride so David started to walk down Highway 49. (which is a street at that point)

David approached an intersection where there is a crosswalk but no signals. He waited for traffic to stop.

Mark Park, who is an employee of Maggnusson Dodge was driving one of Maggnusson’s Dodge trucks. He says he stopped and looked to the left, watching the traffic.

When Mark hit the gas to beat the oncoming traffic, David had already started across the street. Mark hit David and David flew up onto the hood of the truck.

David clung to the hood for about 15 feet when Park slammed on his brakes, throwing David off the hood into traffic.

There was an off duty EMT who was driving by and witnessed everything. The EMT driver advised David to lay still and wait for help. There were several other witnesses who stayed and gave statements to the investigating officer.

David was transported and then airlifted to Aubury Faith Memorial Hospital. David stayed there 1 day. David suffered from Bruises all over the body. Major injuries were serious head trauma, Broken Neck and Broken Back but nobody can confirm the last two.

Anyway, I tried to get ahold of the two investigators and neither was available. David was unsure when he would get out or where he would go so I went down to the Summertime Rosedale Med Center. They couldn’t tell me much.

Next thing I hear is that on the weekend of Memorial Day, the 28th. , for some unknown and unbelievable reason, David was at a friend’s house for a BBQ. He was on the patio when he blacked out and fell over the 2nd floor patio, landing on the side of his head, fracturing bones in his face and maybe even injuring/breaking his neck and back . . .??? Again?? Not sure if he broke neck or back then or before.

Anyway, they rushed him back to Summertime Rosedale. He had 2 surgeries for the neck and back of his neck.

Now it gets real crazy cruddy because the doctors at Summertime are not sure when he broke his neck and back due to the poor x-rays taken at Aubury Faith. Oh great. Now what?

As of today, all the doctors involved are still not clear on what injuries were sustained in which accident.

David got me the CHP’s report card. I will follow up.

Well, criminy ! Just found out that Davey had ANOTHER accident 6 months ago on his way to visit a girlfriend. He fell asleep at the wheel, causing his veh to flip 15 x’s !

Hard to believe but apparently he really did not have any injuries in that accident. (Says who?!!)But they still took him to the hospital.

So now Davey’s Mom, Sissy Crater, is insisting that we sort all this out and chase the appropriate offenders.

Christ! Hand me down my Ouija board and a bucket of chicken entrails for starters. Next step, a trip to Greece and an appt with the Oracle of Delphi.

Somehow when I read about this guy having a beer for breakfast I figure there might be some weird scat scooting round, but this . . . ??


Charley (29 yers old) was at Bailey’s Tavern in Melas, CA on Sunday Jan 31.

He was with his girlfriend Annette (who will be present at the meeting with the investigator) and another couple.

As they were leaving the tavern, a group of men coming in believed that Charley’s male friend tried to take his wallet.

An argument ensued and Charley attempted to pull the guy off of his friend. Charley was then grabbed, beaten, and stabbed in the abdomen.

The parents of Charley understand that all this happened inside the tavern. There were no bouncers and the security camera was not operating.

Charley now suffers from abdominal scarring and damage, nerve damage and scarring to his right forearm, and anoxic encephalopathy.

Charley’s parents have moved in with him and have been taking care of him since the incident. His mother, Melinda, is Charley’s guardian.

This is a really sad case. Charley cannot bathe himself or even dress or feed himself in any way. He can speak now, but very slowly. He has no memory of the events of that evening but has some long term memory.

The police investigation has been pending since January so the parents have gotten a lot of information. Not sure how much there is on identifying the exact guy who did all the stabbing. But, there again, our doctors—and especially Doctor Aurelius—think most of the really serious damage came from the beating those guys gave Charley.

I talked with the D.A. and she is charging all six of the stabber’s friends with felonies. Could be State Prison time for the bastards. Hope so.

Meanwhile, Doctor Aurelius tells me that time could restore Charley’s memory and may even allow his physical problems to resolve somewhat. He is doing another full check at Stanford next week and will send us a report of his findings. He has a number of other Doctors consulting with him to chart the best course for getting Charley back from these terrible injuries. I’ll include the doctor’s latest report when I receive it.

Meanwhile, Melinda is standing by Charley and helping out the investigators for the police as well as our treasure, Johnny Smith.

Johnny called Harold yesterday and said he thinks he can ‘turn’ one of the group if the D.A.will give him and his girlfriend immunity. Why she’s in the mix I have no idea. But, however we can get these guys, let’s do it.

From the Tavern’s point of view, I think we have excellent leverage to extract some serious dollars from their insurer and especially from the owner.

Ellen has been tracking the finances of the Tavern over the last ten years and she thinks she has found some assets. AND, she also stumbled across some suspicious accounting that makes her think that the owners of Bailey’s Tavern have some financial skeletons they didn’t want the IRS or any local licensing boards to know about. I say, whatever it takes.


This is a really bizarre case. Really nice woman, Loretta Dixon. She leaned against the railing on her porch and it gave way. She fell headlong to the ground about ten feet down.

When they took her to the hospital they also took her blood alcohol test. Damned if it didn’t come back a .42 . Now that’s impossible! You’re supposed to be in a coma or dead when your BA reaches .40 to .45

Jeri took Loretta’s statement. Apparently, after work, there was an office party where Loretta swears she had no more than two or three glasses of white wine. She didn’t drink any more because she was organizing and serving at the party. After cleaning up and tidying after the party, Loretta went to visit her mother out on 150th Avenue. She stayed there about an hour to an hour and a half and only drank coffee with her mother. She had nothing alcoholic to drink.

After leaving her mother, she drove back to Oakland along 580 to a Chevron station about eight blocks from her house. That’s close to 4 miles. She stopped to get gas. She talked with a friend there who Jeri will talk to and get a statement from.

Then Loretta drove home and was entering her house when the rotting railing gave way and she fell, badly injuring herself.

Question? How the hell could she do all this when she was supposed to be in a coma or even dead? We need to get a sample of that blood and have our own doctor test it. Something’s goofy with the hospital equipment.

Teri has a lab lined up with that guy who does all the B.A. and breathalyzer tests for the D.A.’s office. He should know if anyone does. Weird as hell.

Now, the landlord is refusing to believe that the railing was rotten, but Al Ferrari has the railing and can’t believe it hasn’t collapsed before this. It’s shot through with some strange South American bugs.

And get this: the landlord propositioned Loretta to keep her from pressing any action on this case. Johnny interviewed the landlord and the guy didn’t deny it. Jesus, this is turning into a soap.

Just got a call from the hospital and they’re refusing to release any blood for testing without a court order. Then they called back and said the blood had degraded and was no good for testing. I told them we wanted some anyway. They said they would call back and when they did they said they couldn’t find the vial.

I think we need to get some cops or someone pushy in on this one.

Now I found out that Loretta is a part-time bartender. Could she drive and all that at a .42?

End of Volume Four




© Copyright 2019 Nicholas Cochran. All rights reserved.

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