A World Change

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A prepper helps a community to live through an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Chapter 1


John Connelly and his family lived on a homestead in Howell County,  Missouri about 15 miles outside of the county seat which was West  Plains.He had a beautiful wife named Breanna and a 15-year-old son named Jimmy.They were adjusting the jets on the carburetor of his 1976 GMC Jimmy.


As they were putting on the carburetor back on the Jimmy his son Jimmy pointed to the sky and said,"  Dad, look!"


John wiped his hands and looked up at the sky and said," Holy shit, what a bright flash that was."


They looked at the sky and then John said,"  Let's finish this up this Jimmy won't get running on its own."

They finished up and John started up the Jimmy and it ran as smooth as a Swiss watch they would say.

John closed the hood and started to shut off the engine when he saw the sheriff walking up the driveway. 

Sheriff Ben Adams stood about 5'11" and weighed about 225 lbs and had greying hair.

John asked," How can I help you?" 

Sheriff Ben Adams asked,"  Do you have some water I can drink? 

John said," Dear, can you get Sheriff Adams a glass of water?" 


A  minute later Breanna a  5'3" stunningly beautiful blonde wife of John's came out with a glass of water.


She said,"  Hi Sheriff you sure look hot." 


After Sheriff took a long drink of the water he said,"  My patrol car just quit about 10 miles from here and the funny thing is everybody I came to their car or pickup wouldn't start either."


John said,"  Do you need a ride to town? Can we take a look at it?" 


The sheriff said,"  Are you sure your car will run?" 


John said,"  We just got done resetting the jets on the carb and put the carb back on the Jimmy and it is running real well now."


The sheriff said,"  God bless you I would really appreciate that."


Jimmy asked'" Can I come, dad?" 

John looked at Jimmy and said," Sure, I think the Sheriff would like extra company."


The sheriff said,"  Sure let's make it a nice ride."


Jimmy climbed into the back seat and then tilted the seat back and then the sheriff got in and then John got in and put the seatbelt on and started up the GMC Jimmy. 


John picked up the receiver on his 2-way radio and said,"  Hon, Jimmy and I will be back in about an hour."


First, there was static and then Breanna answered,"  OK hon will be happy to see you when you get back."


They turned out of the driveway and the sheriff asked," What do you think might have happened?" 


John said," I have a theory but I don't want to jump to  any conclusions once I get you back to your office I will let you know what I think I might be.." 

Sheriff Adams said,"Wow, aren't being a little cryptic."


John said,'  Let's just hope my theory isn't true because if it is nobody's life in this country will be the same again."


They drove for about another 10 minutes and arrived at the  2014 Ford Explorer and John pulled up behind it.


John said," Ok get in your patrol car and put the key in the ignition."


The sheriff got in and put the key in the ignition and there was nothing. 


John said," That is strange no sound.Isn't there normally a chime when the door is opened?  Your overhead light isn't on." 


The sheriff said,"  Yes that is strange it is as if this unit doesn't have a battery."


John said,"  Just turn the ignition on."


The sheriff turned the key on and John and Jimmy looked at the dash.


Jimmy said,"  Dad the dash lights aren't coming on." 


John said,"  You are right son and Sheriff you might as well grab that shotgun and come with us that Explorer ain't starting."


The sheriff unlocked the bracket and retrieve the shotgun and followed Jimmy and John to the GMC Jimmy. 


Jimmy opened the passenger door and leaned the seat forward and got in the back seat and the sheriff got in than John got in the driver's seat and put on the seatbelt.


John started the Jimmy and said," Damn things aren't looking good so far but we will find out shortly."


They drove about 20 minutes and down main street, it looked like a ghost town they pulled up in front of the courthouse and John took a deep breath and they walked towards the doors.

As they walked in John noticed the lights were off and he said,,"  Oh shit this isn't good." 


They walked into the Sherrif's Dept and  John motioned for the deputies to follow and Sheriff Adams nodded. 


In the office, Adams asked,"  OK, you said you had a theory and you would tell me when we got here." 


John said,'  Yes, and here it is.Did you see that flash in the sky?" 


Sheriff Adams said," Yes I did and then my unit stalled immediately afterwards."


John said."  This country has been attacked.  That flash was a missile exploding about 15 to 20 miles above our atmosphere.Instead of radiation what this country got was an electromagnetic pulse.That EMP has knocked out this country's power grid.Your car because it was a 2014 model it has electronic circuits and computer systems in your car like electronic ignition and electronic fuel injection and anti-lock brakes well you can say made your car pretty vulnerable.Remember that burst only lasted a couple of seconds but it was really high intensity." 


Sheriff Adams asked," What about your house?" 


John said,"  My place is off the grid so it is less vulnerable.  I have what I like to call a Tesla generator and you can make it with parts from any electronic store like say, Radio Shack." 


Sheriff said," OK so being a prepper has done you good." 


John said,"  You know what I just wish I could live my life being known as that crazy conspiracy theorist."


Sheriff said," Wait a minute I just about forgot we have old patrol cars in storage that were made back in the '70s.I was being pestered by the county commissioners to get them to the auctions and I never got around to it."


John raised his eyebrows and said,"  Seems like you were unknowingly a prepper yourself.  My other vehicle is a hummer and being all mechanical it isn't susceptible to EMPs either but if that is the case you need to get them out." 


The deputies asked," You think they will run?" 


Sheriff said,"  I think so they were all started about a month ago. You and I should go to the storage and get the cars."


John said,"  it will take all of us to get them and you will have to take me back to get my Jimmy." 


Deputies said," Sure." 


John looked at Jimmy and asked," Will you be alright here?" 


Jimmy said," Sure, Dad just get those  cars." 


They all climbed into the Jimmy and drove for about 10 minutes to the storage building got out and Sheriff Adams got out and unlocked the door and they went in and John whistled.


John whistled and said,"  Son of a bitch this is like going back in time look at these Furies, Impalas, and LTDs and in perfect shape."


Sheriff Adams went into the Chrysler Fury and got in and put the key in and John heard the all familiar buzzing then the  Sheriff hit the ignition and the car fired to life.


Sheriff told the deputies," You might have to pump the accelerators once or twice to prime the carbs." 


John said," Let me guess I bet that has the 440 magnum in it." 


Adams laughed and said,"  You guessed right and you know your motors.  You know what 

one of the deputies can bring the other 2 deputies to come and retrieve the other cars."


John asked,"  Are you sure about that?" 


Sheriff Adams said,"  Sure pick up your son and go home to that beautiful wife of yours she might be worried about you."


John said,"  Well, Sheriff,  goodbye and I will see you later I will have to see the county assessor to see how big of a population this county will take." 


Sheriff said," Do that tomorrow and I will see you then."


John drove the 10 minutes back to the courthouse and pulled up front and his son opened the door and jumped in and put on the seatbelt.


Jimmy asked,"  So dad do you really think the U.S. got EMP attacked?" 


As they backed out into the street John asked,"  What do you think?You are seeing what I am." 


Jimmy said,"  Ya you are probably right but I guess I don't want to believe that." 


John said,"  Well, you are in good company because I don't want to believe it either."


Jimmy asked," What about school?"


John said,"  I don't think there will be school for now and I don't think there will be college for now.We are now in a brave new world."


Jimmy said,"  I think I understand."


John said,'"  Good maybe you can help me understand a little better."


They both laughed at that last remark because they knew that these times will definitely be interesting.


Before they knew it they were pulling into the driveway and Jimmy asked," What will you tell mom?" 


John looked at him as he put the Jimmy in park and sat there for a minute after shutting it off. 

John  said,"  Tell her the truth she will find out."


As they were walking up to the house there was Breanna standing in front of the house/

John hugged and kissed her for 5 minutes than Breanna pulled away and looked at John.


She asked," So John what is the problem?" 


John inhaled and said,"  I think this country has been EMP attacked."


Breanna gasped and said,"  No it can't be." 


John said," The town is like a ghost town and there are no lights on inside the courthouse.  I would prefer to be that crazy conspiracy theorist." 


Breanna said,"Well, hon there was a reason why you started preparing after 9/11."


John said,"  Ya, I know but it still doesn't make this any easier."


She smiles and says,"  Well, you know Noah didn't want the responsibility of saving the animals and his family being at what was it about 500 years old. You are only 50-years-old." 


They both laughed and he loved how she can bring back the logic and was reminded of how remarkable she was.


He remembered he also needed to work on the vegetable patch before dinner. 

He  looked at Jimmy and said,"  We need to work on our vegetable patch." 

Jimmy said," Sure dad." 


They walked out and they started weeding between the rows. 


Jim said,"  Dad, it looks like in some ways we are back like the 19th century." 

 John looked at him and said,"  I guess you can say we are which means a lot more work here.But unfortunately, we will have to deal with city people coming this way. It won't happen immediately but say a month from now if I have you run an errand I want you to take your gun and watch your Ps and Qs while you are there.You know we will probably go back to a barter system or something like that."


They worked for 2 1/2 hours when Breanna yelled out,"  OK boys it is time to wash up and get ready to eat." 

They walked in and washed up for dinner and John kissed Breanna and they sat down and said grace. 


Breanna asked,"  Will Sheriff Adams and his deputies be able to patrol?" 


John chuckled and said,"  Yes they will they have a whole fleet of pre-80s cars in storage and I mean in immaculate shape.Sheriff took the 1975 Plymouth fury and the other deputies took  70s model Impalas and LTDs."


Breanna said,"  That is wonderful." 


John said," The problem is we will all have to ration the fuel we use because the gas stations only have a limited amount of gas in their tanks." 


Breanna asked," What about the refineries we have here in Missouri?"


John said,"  Well, unfortunately, those refineries will be down for close to a year at least until we can get our Tesla generators hooked up there." 


Breanna said,"  You are probably right but it is a good thing that the communities in this county will come together." 


John said,"  Ya now I have to go and talk to the county assessor to have him figure out the maximum population this county can take that includes us who are already residents of this county." 


Breanna laughed,"  Just think how much responsibility my conspiracy theorist is now taking on."


John laughed and said,"  Would you ever believe that?You would have thought I ran for political office."


Breanna asked,"  So how will you be able to tell everybody about the meeting?" 


John said,"  They found an old printing machine so they will be printing off notices and the sheriff department will be handing them out."


Breanna said," Oh wow and I suppose the meeting will take place here?" 


John said,"  Yep, and if they want something to eat it will be potluck."


Breanna said,"  Great, I am glad."


John said,"  No, I don't think we should be responsible for feeding 40,000 people.I don't think there will be the miracle of the loaves and fishes."


She laughed and said,"  No, I don't see that happening here."


They all cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room where they set up a small table and chairs and brought out the Monopoly game.


Breanna said,"  Remember we played this when we first moved here?" 


John laughed and said,"  Than we got satellite tv and now we have to have an EMP attack to enjoy the pleasures of playing together."


Breanna said,"  Who says having the attack is a bad thing?"


John said," Not me necessarily we will just have to adjust." 


They played for 2 hours and John and Breanna watch Jim clean the house with Breanna and John bankrupted.


John took out his pocket watch and said," Well, it is now time to put everything up and put the game away.Jim, you sure played a tough game tonight."


They put everything away and John put his arms around them both until they got to Jim's room. 


Jim said," Good night mom and dad and I love you both." 


The 3 of them good night and Jim went into his room.

Breanna said," My what a mature young man we have." 


John said,"  Oh yes he amazed me today, waiting for me at the courthouse to retrieve those police cars and earlier looking at Adam's patrol car and just everything." 


Breanna said,"  Well, having parents who are preppers pretty much made him grow up." 


John sighed and said," Sometimes  it saddens me that he couldn't be a normal teenage boy." 


Breanna said," Well,  I never heard him complain." 


They walked into the bedroom and as John undressed down to his boxers he watched Breanna get ready for bed by taking down her hair then finally getting in her favorite nightgown then they both went to bed.

Breanna asked," So what happens after the countywide meeting?" 


John said,"  I have no idea not like there is a manual on that." 


Breanna said,"  Well, I guess we will have our work cut out for us." 


They kissed goodnight and they quickly fell asleep in each other's arms not realizing how much the people of Howell county would rely on  John Connelly's leadership.



Page 2

John Conelly is 5'08" and weighs a slim and muscular 200 lbs and his hair is graying and now has reading glasses and his hair is collar length.  He splashes water on his face when Breanna walks in in her nightgown.


She asked," What are your plans today?" 


John said,"  Oh, Ben and I are going down to the Radio Shack to pick up some supplies so we can power up his house and the courthouse." 


She said,"  Oh so playing burglars huh you are really corrupting our law enforcement." 


John laughed and said,"  Well, he chose to be friends of mine we might stick up some banks." 


They both laughed until they had tears in their eyes.


Jimmy came in and John asked,"  Do you want to come with me to help your old man and the sheriff to burglarize  Radio Shack?" 


Jimmy winked and said,"  Sure dad, never burglarize a store before." 


Breanna laughed and said," You have to corrupt our son." 


Breanna and John hugged and kissed each other and then they heard what sounded like dual exhaust and they looked out and saw what looked like an early 70's Chevelle SS.


As John walked out he saw it wasn't a Chevelle but its close cousin an El Camino SS and as they walked out John saw it was Ben Adams coming out and what looked like his wife.


Breanna came out and said," Hi,  I am Breanna it is nice seeing you." 


The lady said,"I am Donna and I am the wife of this madman." 


Breanna said," Why don't you come inside I do have coffee." 


Donna lit up and said,"  I can't remember the last time I had a good cup of coffee." 


As they walked in John turned to Ben and said,"  I didn't know you had this jewel." 


Ben smiled and said,"  I usually only bring this out on special occasions what better occasion than after an apocalypse not only that I took advantage of nobody being on the road." 


John raised an eyebrow and asked'"  How fast?" 


Ben said," Donna wouldn't let me go faster than 90."


John and Jimmy laughed at his comment. 


John said,"  You should be able to go as fast as you want during the apocalypse."


Ben smiled and said,"  Ya exactly. just don't tell my deputies." 


Jimmy said," Your secret is safe with us." 

They all climbed into the Jimmy an headed towards the Radio Shack in town.


They parked in front of the Radio Shack and John pulled out a credit card and slid it in between the 2 doors and jimmied it around and unlocked the doors.


They walked around on their tiptoes as if they were trying to stay quiet until Jimmy started laughing.


Jimmy laughingly said,"  Hey guys why are we trying to be so quiet it isn't like they are going to call the cops.


Ben and John stopped moving and they started laughing and Ben said,"  I guess I never pictured myself breaking into a store before."

John laughed and said,"  Neither have  why don't we get those parts and we can get that generator built for your house."


They got all the parts and Ben asked,"  Is that it?"


John said,"  Ya you will find that you will get your power from the earth's gravitational pull."

They took out the parts to the suv and Jimmy climbed into the back seat.


After  John and Ben climbed in John started it up.


Ben asked,"  What got you here to Missouri?" 

John said,"  I was a welder by trade and worked for a heating and air conditioning company.I would fabricate heating and air ducts lived outside of Atlanta.On 9//11 after the terrorists flew those planes into the trade center and the Pentagon I realized how vulnerable this country was.During my research at the Fulton County Library, I found out about the EMP.  Anyway, I found the land I am on and well I slowly built a house and whatnot off grid.I sold the newer cars my wife and I had and got the used humvee and those vehicles from the 70's.Unfortunately our first year we went without electricity and my wife gave me an ultimatum to either get electricity or she leaves. Found out about the Tesla generator and wired the house within 3 months." 


Ben said,"  You made your wife live without electricity  for a year and she stayed with you." 


John said,"  I know I was an idiot.  What about you?" 

Ben sighed and said,"I was a police officer for St. Louis for over 25 years and I thought Mountain View would be a nice place to semi-retire at.I was a part-time deputy when I got a call that the former sheriff needed backup because he was in a shootout.I got there as quickly as possible and saw him penned down.I was able to assist and shot one suspect and the other suspect gave himself up.I looked behind me and saw there was the sheriff was shot and called officer down." 

John asked,"  Did he die?"

Ben said," No,  but he was paralyzed and the county commissioners appointed me sheriff.That was in 2000 and the funny thing is I never campaigned afterwards.I was grooming a deputy to take over and was real close but then somebody decided to EMP attack us. Donna half thinks I don't want to retire but I do heck I am 63 and Donna is 61."

John said,"  You or Donna don't look it." 

Ben said,"  Thank you." 

By then they had made it back to John's place.


After they got out Donna and Breanna came out and they were smiling like they told each other a lot of information.

John said,"  I wonder if they told the story as we told."

Ben said,"  I don't think there is any other story to tell." 

John said,"  Me either." 


Both wives hugged and kissed their husbands.


Donna asked,"  Did you get everything you need?"


John said,"  Yes, and you two should have electricity within about 3 hours when we get to your place."] At first, we were walking around on tiptoes until Jimmy asked us why."

Donna and Breanna started laughing until they had tears in  their eyes 

The three men got in the Jimmy and drove the 10 minutes to John's place. 

They started putting everything together and within 21/2 hours they had all the main wiring wired up to the "generator waited to minutes turned on the junction box and Ben said wow. 


Ben said,"  Thank you." 

John said,"  Hey you put in a lot of work I just brought my know how but you are welcome you are now in the 20th or the 21st century again sort of." 

Ben said," Well heck I will take lights."


They got in the Jimmy and drove back John's place and got out.

The wives asked,"  All done?" 

John said,"  You and Ben now have lights again." 


Donna squealed and hugged and kissed him. 

Breanna said,"  Hey, it is getting close to  lunch why don't you 2 stay?" 


Donna said,"  Only as long as I can help."


Breanna thought it over for a minute then said," Sure." 


They went inside when Ben said,"  You know you and your wife will probably be the closest friends we have had in years." 


John said," Really?" 


Ben said,"  It might be partially my fault but yes you are."


John said,"  Oh just something to think about we will probably have to schedule a meeting for the entire county." 


Ben said," Oh?"

John said,"  Ya, we will have to make plans for people moving out this way especially the city dwellers." 

Ben asked,"  Are you talking about preparing for every state?" 

John said,"  Not every state.  But most of the states from the east coast in my opinion." 

Ben said," Damn,  you are probably right you do love throwing curves." 


John said,"  Not me the country that decided to knock our lights out quite literally. Oh would you like some raspberry shine?'"


Ben asked,"  Moonshine?" 


John said," Ya I thought you might like some especially since we don't have a federal government." 


Ben said," Sure never tried raspberry flavored liquor." 


John came back with two glasses of clear liquid. 


Ben took a taste and said," Wow this is smooth and what a good flavor." 


John said,"  Well, to be honest with you I was going to try to go for a distilling license before the EMP attack." 


Ben said," This would have been a great seller." 


John smiled and said,"  It was in the underground if you know what I mean." 

Ben said," Enough said."

They both laughed at that last comment.


Ben said,"  I might have to get your recipe."


John said,"  Oh, really you are easily corruptible."


Ben said,"  Sssh I have been playing the part of being such an upstanding lawman.: "


Donna and Breanna came out and Donna said,"  Oh I know you are anything but upstanding." 


Ben said,'  Darn the cat's out of the bag."


They all laughed till they had tears in their eyes.


They sat down at the picnic table and said grace.


They dug into the leftover brisket and coleslaw and corn. 

Ben said,"  This is wonderful."


John said,"  This was store bought and had this in the freezer."


Breanna said,"  Ths is the cabbage I grew in our greenhouse and of course slice up the cabbage mix in some pickles with mayo and the juice and voila." 


Donna said," Oh wow,  this is delicious and wow I love simple recipes." 


Breanna said,"  Well, to be honest, I am the same way." 


They both laughed and loved their newfound found friendship;


John said,'"  So how are we going to get the county to come to the meeting we need to have?" 


The sheriff said,"  Well, at the newspaper they have plenty of paper and also an old printing machine that I can take to my house.I can print off 40,000 or so notices." 

John said,"  I can help you any way you need."

 Ben looked at him and said,"  With that offer well, believe me, I won't turn that down.  So your place?" 


John said,"  Might as well your yard sure as hell ain't big enough."


Ben laughed and said,"  So how many people do you reckon will really come this way?" 


John said,"  People in some parts of Maine may just stay put especially in the remote parts of it they are used to tough living.  Those city and suburban folks would probably be coming this way.  Oh and you know we would have to think about what professions we want here." 


Ben said," I can't believe how  lost the people are in town,They are trying to do the daily businesses but they don't know how to go about it especially with virtually no money." 


John said,"  You know that is understandable whatever cash people have is virtually worthless it is unbelievable how dependent society is with the computer network.That network pretty much dictates everything in daily business banking debit and credit cards and you know just shipping from other states are online." 





















































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