My name is Aoife (Ee-fah) but my friends call me "E", I’m six foot three, auburn wavy hair to my ass and cat-like amber eyes. I’m not as much of a stunner as the rest of my friends, but when I do
myself up, I’m at least an 8. I don’t have the bombshell curves my gorgeous best friend Vi, has... but I got a decent rack and the best ass in town. Combined with a bad-ass style sense, and a
fighter’s personality, I pull off that bad girl look better than anyone I know. I am a tattoo artist, covered in ink. I tinker with my old Indian motorcycle and my Rubicon jeep. One more thing, I
am a witch... what I like to call an "ink witch" I can spell my tattoos. But now, my magic seems to be killing me. Can I learn to control it before it burns me out from the inside?

Note: This book is a first draft and literally gets dropped into here before I start any revisions!

Table of Contents

New Beginnings

The tinkling of laughter trickled through the massive redwood trees with the sound of the locals splashing in the lake. As we walk casual... Read Chapter

Kris's Surprise

The remainder of the ride home was uneventful, aside from the usual dirty looks from a few “traditionals” as I’ve started to call t... Read Chapter

Mr. Moneybags

As I pull up to the apartment building, I push the button on my tank to bring up the garage door behind my shop, another “gift” from ... Read Chapter

Home sweet, holy shit...

The clicking of our shoes on the tile echoes down the hall, as we head towards the elevators. Kris swipes a card and presses the button a... Read Chapter

The Devil is in the details

Jolting awake, feeling like I am freezing but soaking in a pool of sweat, I wipe the hair plastered to my face away from my eyes and glan... Read Chapter

Grand Opening

After hashing out some details with Logan at his bar, I step into the new workshop and text my apprentices to meet me in an hour. I gave ... Read Chapter

Hot Stuff

With a sigh I close up shop, clean up my work room, get Aaron settled, and head towards Logan’s bar. I need to find a web developer ... Read Chapter


Waking up a little early, I feel the weight of Logan next to me. He is wrapped around me, with an arm around my waist. Smiling to myself ... Read Chapter

Truth or Dare

Stepping back into my apartment, I mentally brace myself for what is to come. I’d rather be hit with it now, so I can mentally and emot... Read Chapter

Group Therapy

Facing everyone’s pinched faces and glares, in silence, I wait for Logan to start the conversation with the crew. “Thank you, for... Read Chapter

Rude Awakenings

Wrapped in the velvety nothingness of heavy sleep, I am jerked awake to what feels like a bowling ball dropped on my chest. “UGHHH” D... Read Chapter

The road less traveled

Following Axel in his beat up pickup, we head to his dad’s. I know the route by heart to here, so I zone out and just head out of the c... Read Chapter

Hello, my name is...

After another 90 minutes of driving, we finally land on pavement, and I know it's not far until we’re at the village center. Looking ar... Read Chapter

Pomp and Circumstance

As the darkness of the evening settled onto the land like a blanket, we pulled up to a large dark house. There appeared to be a front por... Read Chapter