"The bathroom"

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It was late in the afternoon about 1:30 p.m. At the high school. Me and James were in math class. I had Togo to the bathroom. So I asked our teacher who gave me the plastic hallpass that all high schools hade. 

I opened the door and left my class. As I entered the hallway it was a quiet day nobody was out walking in the halls witch was a little unusual. But I thought nothing of it as I walked down the hallway and made a left near the stairs and approached the bathroom. 

I opened the door as it squeaked as I opened it. It was pitch black I turned on the light. This bathroom was unused. Now with most schools you will always have a rumor. There was a reason why this bathroom wasn't used often. 

The rumor was that ten years ago a bully had smashed a kids head into the mirror and he died instantly. Of course the bathroom still had the crack in the mirror with a blood stain. I didn't exactly believe the story. 

People say that now around the time of the incident you can see the kids face stare at you in the mirror. I didn't believe that but I New several students who say that they had seen something. 

Now the bathroom had three stalls and two sinks. I did my business as I wanted to leave the bathroom as fast as I could. I flushed and pushed the soap dispenser and I washed my hands In the sink with the cracked mirror, I did not look at the mirror. I turned the water off and I started to leave. 

What made this creepy was the fact that the incident had happened around 1:45 p.m. And it was around 1:42 now. I walked towards the door but something had gotten to me I turned around  walked over towards the mirror. 

I had heard what sounded like whispers and I could see my breath, the room all of a sudden got very cold and I stared right at the mirror. I saw my reflection staring back at me, it took several seconds before my face suddenly started to disappear and the boys reflection took over. 

I could see his head he had glass all over his face and blood was everywhere. Including a big piece of glass in his right eye.  The boy pointed at me, I got goosebumps as I looked behind me towards the wall written in blood was the words 


"Why me?" 


I ran out of that bathroom as fast as I could practically tripping over my feet, as I made it back to the class. I slammed the door and sat in my seat never more happy to see people in my life, even if they were all staring at me. Our teacher than said to me "what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost!"

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