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A writing for the Celebrate Us Contest.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



One day, I and my best friend Azi had decided that we would decorate our club room. We thought for a long time but couldn't find any idea. We even tried to let Google decide it. But maybe it was even confuse looking at so many collections. Finally, we gave up and came to the thought that our club room looked plain and simple. A decoration might had ruined the beautiful appearance of it.

When we were coming home, we saw a shop selling colourful and thick strings. Suddenly, Azi cancelled the finale and retorted that the fox had thought about grapes being sour but grapes were actually sweet. As a result of her philosophy, we bought some thick strings of different colors and went back to our school.

After wasting one and half hour thinking what to do with those strings, our philosophy came to the conclusion saying grapes might were actually bitter for the fox.

It was already evening. But my mother had a night shift that day, so I decided to waste a little more time there. Azi and I didn't want to waste those strings and so we thought of doing something useless.

We bought only eleven colors of strings. Azi picked the purple, old rose, grass green, persian blue and white strings. Then she started to roll them together. Finding nothing else to do, I grabbed the royal blue, violet, vermilion, silver and yellow ones. I did what could had been done by me. Only the deep red string was left at the corner of the room.

After a while, two psychopathic aliens were born. It was already too late and if we stayed there for any longer than that, we would been killed by our mothers. But those insane inventions shouldn't be left there alone. If the teachers or anyone found those somehow, we would been identified as 'patients from the Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital For Psychologically challengers."

Since we hadn't much time in our hands, we tied those two ruins with the red string and putted them in the shelf. We went home that day.

The next day, we bought some more thick red strings and went to our club room. We took that psychopathic art piece and tied it with the ceiling of our room using the red velvet strings. That red was even deeper than our blood.

We thought it was a crazy decoration and the others thought that as well. Those who came into our club room and somehow looked at the ceiling, asked a thousand questions about it. But our answers were only silence or pretending that it had come into the room itself and made that place it's home. So soon we started to be called 'retired citizens of Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital For Psychologically Challengeds'. The worst thing was whenever we looked at that paranormal creation, we started to recollect our memories from that mental hospital which were supposed to be made soon.

A rumour started to run among the students about our 'insane strings revolution'. And our 'plain and simple' room had turned into a tourist spot. Soon the rumour went to the ears of our teachers.

One day, our japanese language teacher came to our club room. She was an experienced expert at finding the hidden but deep meanings in poems, novels, stories or even in words and gestures. She looked at our 'Spiderman's mad string creation' for a while.

Suddenly she expressed her wonder and said, "It's really a deep meaningful art. You two are the great geniuses."

"You mean idiots?" Azi said looking at the amount of amusement on Sensei's face.

Sensei laughed a little, "No, not idiots. You symbolized yourselves and your friendship so deeply. Only emotional and spiritual geniuses can do this."

"What do you mean?" I asked with a face full of confusion.

Sensei looked at the piece made by Azi, "The white one says that your heart is as pure the smiles of children. It's shine is brighter than the diamond's . Your softness, innocence and perfectionism is hidden in this white.The grass green reflects the freshness of your mind. It says that your energy and adventurous curiosity are everlasting. The persian blue means that you are intelligent and wise. Your thoughts are as deep as this blue. The purple says that you are a noble and independent person. Your creativity is higher than the stars. The old rose color symbolizes your power of love and respect."

Then she looked at my art, "Vermilion indicates love, life and eternity. Silver is the symbol of modernity and importance. It says that you are a elegant, graceful and precious person. Yellow means hope, happiness, positivity, loyalty and intellect. Blue says that you are sincere and caring. Violet reflects the discipline in your personality."

Finally, she looked at us, "In the end, the summary is your well known creation means that you two are two different persons. You might have a little similarities but you are two different creatures from different roots."

We knew that we were from different roots. But we thought that we had removed our differences after being friends. That what being friend meant to us, having everything in common.

"Everyone has different personality than others", she again began. But this time, with a big smile, "You don't even have a blood bond. But you bond is more than it. It's deeper than your blood. And no matter where you go, it will be there and everywhere. Because you tied yourselves with a red string. A red much vivid than blood red. And you used that red every corner of these arts to tie it with the ceiling. And strings are made to be unbreakable. It can't be torn easily. Specifically, thick red strings."

At last, she said inhaling deeply, "Sometimes things don't need to be beautiful. Everything you do should have a meaning. Even it is silly or small. Every meaning itself is deep somehow."

She prepared to leave the room. Before she stepped outside the room, she might had understood that a confusion was still going inside our minds. She smiled at us, "Friendship is not the relation that changes your personality to make everything in common between two persons. It's just a spiritual bond that helps your true personality to be enlightened. It's a bond stronger than your blood that copes with you no matter who or how you are."

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