How Starved Was I?

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When I witnessed the sparklingly bountiful waterfalls; majestically cascading down the rustically undulating hills,
I suddenly remembered how overwhelmingly thirsty was I; with each frazzled nerve of my tyrannized body unfathomably yearning to be blissfully caressed.

When I witnessed the enigmatically inscrutable forests; with a spell bindingly panoramic myriad of tingling sounds and the princely lion diffusing into a royal parade of unparalleled superiority,
I suddenly  how starved was I for adventure; as even the most infinitesimal bone of my body ardently desired to wholesomely blend with the insatiably
untamed wilderness.

When I witnessed the mystically fabulous clouds in fathomless sky; the immaculate puffs of mesmerizing  silk gliding past in unprecedented euphoria,
I suddenly remembered how uncontrollably starved was I for titillation; as each pore of my torturously lambasted skin; perennially craved to be caressed by
the; unbelievably ravishing mist.

When I witnessed the mesmerizing blankets of eternally resplendent grass; the marvelously regale festoon of golden dewdrops sprouting in astounding  harmony from the intricately poignant blades,
I suddenly remembered that how perennially starved was I for blissful sleep; as each traumatically monotonous contour of my countenance; inevitably slithered to blend with the celestial moistness.

When I witnessed  torrentially unrelenting cloudbursts of seductive rain; the enthrallingly exuberant globules of fascinating liquid; pelting down in spell
binding harmony upon truculently parched soil,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for enchanting dance; as each restlessly impoverished contour of my body; commenced to vivaciously gyrate to the tunes of the ebulliently majestic atmosphere.

When I witnessed the blazingly Omnipotent fireball of magnificent Sun; the unassailably miraculous rays which metamorphosed even the most  inconspicuous iota of sadness into a fountain of everlasting triumph,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for ingratiating optimism; as every speck of my disastrously beleaguered eyes; ecstatically surged forward to relish and replenish the full fervor of; timeless life.

When I witnessed the indefatigably ardent fires in the heart of the wonderfully tantalizing night; with the cradle of sensuously tickling darkness casting its
Omniscient spell upon one and all; handsomely alike,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for exotic passion; as each ingredient of my maliciously besieged blood; gushed forward like an unstoppable hurricane to coalesce forever with the winds  of enthralling seduction.

When I witnessed the Omnipresent whirlpool of wind exuberantly creeping towards my soul; an incomprehensibly romantic maelstrom of whispering
beauty overpowering my wavering reflection,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for unconquerable breath; as even the most capriciously fugitive space in my nostrils; intransigently sucked
in boundless skies of; gregarious air.

And when I witnessed the immortal beats of her beautifully pristine heart; the irrefutable wave of jubilantly scintillating truth that disseminated on every step that she timelessly transgressed,
I suddenly remembered how starved was I for unending love; as every element of my mind; body and soul; eternally melanged with her Godly fragrance; as every part of me and beyond eternally melanged with the essence of never-dying humanity.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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