How Would You Choose To Welcome God On Diwali?

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Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



With the footprints of brotherhood that you left when you embraced one  and all-OR With venomous bellows of nonchalant smoke which diabolically tarnished his pristine atmosphere?

With the song of peace that you hummed from the innermost realms of  our heart-OR With inexplicable misery that you inflicted upon boundless with the hideous noise of bombs exploding on every nook; corner and street?

With the magical wand of your friendship which transcended over every caste; creed; religion and tribe-OR With hurling cacophonic rockets at each other with the angst to kill ostensibly radiating from your bloodshot eyes?

With the ardor in your breath to exist in a perfect symbiosis with your fellow human being and the environment-OR  With umpteen number of your sleazy bedlam bulbs that you stuck to innocent trees to torture their body-on spurious pretext of illuminating the air around?

With a fresh dawn of creativity in your veins to evolve tomorrows of new-found hope-OR With garishly parasitic rolling fire-balls which caused many a car and innocuous life to explode in flames; as it unwittingly trespassed their way?

With a noble spirit to part with your wealth for the assistance of all those rendered roofless- OR With spitting incoherent abuses on his priceless environment as your sinister looking cracker floundered to burst?



With the feeling of being just a piece of nothing infront of his Omnipresent aura- OR  With mercilessly beheading trees left; right and center; in order to pave a clear way to welcome spurious dignitaries who wanted bangs and smoke?

With the sacred vow of eternal companionship you took for every of his created living beings-OR With simmering vindication in your soul as you torched the virgin sands of time with worthless sparklers swaying insidiously in your palms?

With due obeisance in your eyes for his unshakably Omnipotent fragrance-OR With innumerable holes that you'd dug in the belly of his earth; just in order to erect your shops selling bombs and  explosives of the most denigrating degree?

With the oneness of his creation proudly sparkling from every inch of your persona-OR With every of your valiant bone sadistically succumbing to the commands of the devil-who simply couldn't wait for you to ignite his amorphously deafening bomb?

With resolving to make the mantra of 'live and let live' the rhythm of your life-OR With playing the filthiest of politics to burn one sect of the society into flames; and become the sanctimonious unsung hero of others; to leapfrog towards your blood-stained throne?

With being a harbinger of peace to unite every bereaved soul into a valley of love-OR With indulging into vandalism of the highest order; as you banged explosive shells into breathing grass to release the inexplicable frustration of your fists?



With simple 'diyas (lamps)  ' of love; compassion; truth in your homes and all across your heart- OR With dousing the entire harmless street with petrol and then lighting the matchstick to witness it disintegrate into bits of worthless nothingness and flames?

With a scepter of righteousness in your chest and unflinching stride which shunted all lies- OR With a manipulatively farcical bunch of friends who laughed till death as they viewed millions of bombs produce a diabolical crackle in the heavenly night?

With a mission to conserve and nourish his unbridled environment with
your very own breath and till your death- OR With shooing every helpless bird and animal on the streets as you struck them with misery after misery of demonic smoke and ear-shattering sound?

With a pledge to follow the Religion of Humanity; the only religion he guided you to follow; till the time you existed-OR With dead human bodies and corpses on your shoulders-which you hadn't deliberately killed; but were a victim of your riotously carefree fire-cracker splurge?

With kneeling down to his Omniscient holy spirit and asking for forgiveness for every of your erroneously human misdeed-OR With devastating every bit of his sacrosanct earth with rancid fire-only to show to the world the multiple varieties of bombs and explosives you'd spent on to make merry in the dead?

Well. Well. Well. I'll leave you to answer these questions on your own- as we've all been blessed with a conscience; heart; soul  and spirit to immortally love; by the same God who is one for all of us.
And whilst you do so; All I'll do is pray to him; that you take the right decision this time and everytime; as we gear up to celebrate a very happy Diwali and prosperous New Year.

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