Human Emotions

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Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



I swooned, collapsing on the ground like a pack of plastic cards,
after viewing ghastly images of Dracula on the silver screen.

I burst into fits of laughter, somersaulted wildly with my intestines aching,
as the talented comedian coated his face with slimy egg yolk.

I sobbed in unrelenting hysteria when one of kin left for heavenly abode,
envisaged the dismal life to be led, bereft of his captivating presence.

I contorted my face in creases of unbearable agony,
as an army of red ant stung supple arenas of my skin.

I danced tenaciously with mounting spurts of exuberance,
after clearing rigorous impediments of the final examination.

I uttered syllables at unprecedented speeds,
with my tongue swishing against dark cavities of teeth,
when quizzed by the police for my catalogue of misdeeds.

I rapidly exhaled trapped air in my lungs,
as I clambered up the terrain in a bid to reach the ultimate pinnacle.

I blushed an austere amount of scarlet crimson,
when caught red handed stealing warm blood apples from the tree.

I riveted my gaze towards amber streaks of the distant horizon,
stared in mute silence as the sun finally sank behind towering peaks of the mountain.

I slept in a tranquil bliss spinning romantic webs in dreamy sedation,
after assiduous amounts of labor executed in the steaming sun.

I felt relieved of Herculean strings laden with tension,
after gliding through Luke warm waters of the sparkling pool.

I felt uncensored avenues of my heart throb at rollicking pace,
as the person i desired waded slowly past my groping vision.

I felt thoroughly gratified with existing vagaries of life,
if I was fed with abundant morsels of food in the day,
impregnated with gallons of mineral water divested of bacteria,
given a mattress of pure spongy grass to sleep,
admiring the exotic pattern of stars all throughout the vigils of sultry night.

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