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This poem is dedicated to the many people who have come under the rescue of Narcan. Last week while working in the ER on third shift, as a favor to another nurse who was on vacation. There were
several people who were brought to the ER from apparent Heroin overdosing. Most of those patients were women. The protocol to save anyone’s life is challenging under normal circumstances, but to
assume one has overdosed without any medical information, is even alarming, and an adrenaline rush of time.

Love and Hugs, Kemy.............. Just breathe…was the call that night

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018





The wonder drug since the electric paddles of life to comply

Prolonging your existence in the twinkling of an eye

Eyes closed no heartbeat pushing through

A night of Opiates indulgence, a needle for me none for you

That ultimate high

Taking your mind to an illusion of the sky

Crashing while coming down

Another hit, mindful delusion going around and around

Nothing stirring or making a sound

Eyes closed, as I’m greeting my destination

Mental trepidation without any hesitation

The highest point I can reach of my imagination

If only you could see what I mean

Everything up here looks and feels so serene

Yeah, thou, I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

The veins of my salvation, God, I’ve already met

My Narcan Angel has saved me twice

For the sickness of not having my medication is a huge sacrifice

My kids are crying, I refuse to care, do their hair, or give them a fresh breath of air

My liquid gold dependence has placed them all in foster care

My veins have told my story, the pages of my life are on display

I have sold the soul of my character as I grind with a I stranger as I lay

Counseling, Drug Rehabilitation, once, and then I choose to decline

I cannot be held responsible if this feeling is too divine

I did not start my journey as all would think

I was once an Accountant living the illustrious American dream

So, it may have seemed

Back went out, surgery pursued

One pill, then two, the whole bottle just to get me through, the feeling overruled

Pain was excruciating as one would believe, prescribed medications just to appease

Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin was just a swallowing tease

Try this, it could be a hit or miss

 As I took my first initial hit

My severe pain, gone

Sending my mind in space all alone

But wait, this isn’t so bad

I’m too glad to even be mad

For sticking my vein in a hasten cure

And yes, I’m positively sure

This will be the last time I take this route

But it did knock the pain completely out

Back pain anymore, who me, it doesn’t exist

Maybe it would not occur at all, if I just take one more hit

Plantation of veins, hum, which one do I pick

Collapsed veins over time, I must now slap to get

Ahh, there she is, my belt waiting to wrap

No judgments here, a downfall of a relapse

Tapping the throne not to get my twenty-dollar investment insertion wrong

Strange things to get it, I had to do all night long

Injecting glory of satisfaction into my arm

Body churning in anticipation, a raging internal storm

Pulling the bevel back pushing liquid comforts of warmth

Slumped forward waiting to greet

My mind heading beyond the clouds, made for my vein and me to meet

A new batch in desperation I just got from off the streets

Wait, this feeling is tearing up my insides

Head rolls back, white affixed eyes, I tell you no lies

What’s happening, as I cry out from my world of darkness, where no one larks

I hear screaming voices, dogs barking, sirens, people talking over me making medical remarks

I cannot breathe, someone help me please

My mind, my body has been snatched away

I hope it wasn’t a Fentanyl batch, known to take one’s life, I silently pray


What...,what, is this feeling that has hit my heart

It’s still not beating, it’s too lazy to even jump start

Hit again, hey where is this jolt coming from

I cannot feel anything, my body is still numb

Seconds later, there that feeling goes again

Hospital staff patiently waiting for Narcan to sink in

I can finally catch a breath to live, presence accounted this time to win

Seeing Angels before, I came through

I must stop meeting this door, before my granted visits become overdue

And between me and you

I want my life back without the Opiate blues

Things I once enjoyed, to experience it anew

I have not seen my kids, is this what I’ve reduced myself too

With a shake of His head, a voice spoke out to me

As you lie still, you must live and learn to believe a need to be

Believe in me, as I give all another tomorrow

For your ignorance, you lay in your own thistles of sorrow

 I have once again pitied a fool

I tell you all, I have been academically schooled

As I lay here I will make my promise to you

No more, I’ve seen the other dark side

I have better choices for my mind in life to decide

I will beat this nightmare, it’s behind me once I stand

No one wants life or death decided under the wonder drug, Narcan


Poem taken from The Flow Of My Heart To You, Book III

© Copyright 2018 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.