Among Cannibals

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Some people would say I'm a monster. Some others that I'm a hero. Maybe both are right. Maybe both are wrong. Is for you to decide. Listen to this story and take your own conclusions.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018





Some people would say I'm a monster.

Some others that I'm a hero.

Maybe both are right.  Maybe both are wrong.

Is for you to decide.  Listen to this story and take your own conclusions.


I'm in the kitchen of my apartment.

I'm wearing a labcoat, latex gloves and a nurse's mask.

You would say this is not the normal gowning to prepare dinner.

You are right, but this is not a normal dinner.

I invited Professor Norma and her husband, Doctor Cuesta, to an unforgettable dinner.

Both of them have inspired me, each one their way, like no other has done it. 

  to them a little bit of so much they have given to me.


I'm gonna tell you a couple of things first. 

Doctor Cuesta is not gonna make it, he is not gonna come tonight, you can be sure about it.

He (or what is left from him) is inside the refrigerator.

The rest of him is being cooked.


You would say I'm a monster. Maybe you are right.  Wait until finishing my story and take a decision.


I take the cellphone of Dr Cuesta to send a message to her wife.


- At eight o'clock at the creep's house

- Ahahaha, don't be mean.  At eight peel then, XOXO – writes Professor Norma seconds later.


Creep is the nickname Dr Cuesta put on me because of the cloying admiration I profess to her wife, my teacher of Cinematographic Appreciation. A delicate, refined and cult woman.  The kind of perfect woman you can't imagine to be married to someone as despicable as Doctor Cuesta.


My flattery with Professor Norma was always part of the plan.  I used to come 20 minutes before starting the class to sit in the first line of the classroom.  That way I could exchange some words with her and remind her “how excited I felt in her class”.


At the end of her dissertation, when she asked the usual “Any question”; I raised my hand and asked her one of that questions she could easily answer and look like a genius in front of the auditory.


At the end of the class, when everybody left the classroom, I stayed looking at her picking up her class notes and then I approached her to deep in any topic that impressed me during her speech.


No way.  I'm not as psycho to dismember a man only for calling me creep.  In fact, I think is a very kind nickname for someone behaving like me.  I would refer to myself as an asslicking or socks-sucker.


I dismembered Doctor Cuesta for something more transcendental.  If you have a little patience, you will know the reason.  Everything at its time.


I take out the gloves, the labcoat and the mask.  I put those clothes impregnated with red drops in a black plastic bag.  I open the garbage can and put the bag inside. 

I could burn it. 

I could put it in sulfhidric acid.

But I'm not interested in destroying any proof.  By opposite, I filmed the killing and I'm gonna give the video to Professor Norma.


I don't care what happen to me.  What I really care is what is gonna happen to them.


I walk into the shower thinking on the things I have to do before the dinner.  To visit my brother at the Institute and to buy a couple of champagne bottles.

After leaving the shower I do my beard.  Is a mania I have since my beard started to grow up.  Shave my beard after taking the shower.  The logic tells you to do the opposite but in a world where Switzerland, a country with no sea, wins the sailing world championship, the logic does not exist.


Anyways, the important things are not the answers.  What really cares are the correct questions.

I take the most elegant suit I have.  An expensive Italian tuxedo I dressed before only once. 

Today the occasion deserves to wear it again.


I take the keys of my car and drive to the Institute.  The University radio post is broadcasting the Mikado Opera. I know word by word by heart.  It is one of the few talents I have.

Photographic memory.

Elephant memory.

I don't forget anything.

I don't forgive anything.


Once at the Institute I walk to the room #62A.  After opening the door I find my brother hitting his head against the walls.  It is nothing new, it is nothing rare.  He always does it. 

In this room the walls are covered by rubber.  The idea is that Marco don't hurt himself.  Or better, not having more damage than others have inflicted to him.  He has been hurt enough.

But we are gonna talk about that later.


I kiss my brother in the forehead.  I give him an alfalfa bag to feed his rabbit and I promise to visit him next week.  I'm lying. Most probably I would not be able to make it.


I leave the Institute and drive to the liquor store. I buy two bottles of champagne and comes back home, just before eight o'clock.


I put three dishes on the table.  One of them won't be used but there is no way Professor Norma knows that.

The Concert #5 of Beethoven is playing loud.  Is 07h 55pm. 


I take the Dr Cuesta cellphone and write “The meeting is gonna take some time.  I will be late.  Start without me, kisses”.

I wait until Professor Norma rings the bell of my apartment and press the “send” button.

I open the door drawing a big smile on my face.




- Professor Norma, what a pleasure, come in please.

- Thank you Hannibal.

- And Dr Cuesta?

- He just texted me.  He is gonna be late, you know, doctors, always busy.


She tells me she is hungry and there is no need to wait for his husband.

I don't believe her.  I know she does not stand me.  She wants this night to pass as quickly as possible and the idea of not having her husband right here does not please her at all.


I tell her there is no problem, we can start right now if she likes it that way.

She answers affirmatively, biting her lips, faking desire for devouring the food.

Paella Valenciana, I explain to her while serving the rice with meat over her dish.

Family recipe.I hope you like it.

She smells the steam released by the dish and this time her gesture is authentic. 

It seems the aroma is causing her an orgasm.


Armin Meiwes, an engineer from Rotenburg who contacted by internet in 2001 a man to, consensually, cut him into pieces and eat him, describes in a famous interview the human meat taste as “similar to pig, a little bit stronger and acid”. 

The Professor Norma is close to prove it.  She is gonna eat his husband and since today she is gonna keep him inside forever.


I serve myself and put the tray with the rest of the dinner on the table.

The first bite put an orgasmic expression on her face.

She finishes her dish and tells me it was delicious.  This time she is not faking it.


I ask her if she wants more.  She says yes but she needs to go to the toilet. 

She enters to the washroom, presses the odor extractor and closes the door. 

30 seconds later I feel Dr Cuesta cellphone vibrating.


- Hurry up.  If you are not here soon I'll go home.


After a while a new message come in.


- And FYI the creep made a dinner to suck the fingers. Amazing.


I don't answer the messages.  I wait for her to come back.

While waiting, I open the champagne bottle and serves two glasses.


Once back again, the Professor continues with the Paella and raises her glass to thank me.


I know she feels uncomfortable and I break the ice talking about something she loves.  We talk about cinema.  Cannibal cinema.


The champagne and the conversation topic makes her feel more relaxed.

She talks passionately about the cinematographic movement that saw the light in the 70s with italianfilmakers like Lenzi, Deodato y Martino.

We share ideas about movies like Cannibal Holocaust. The Silence of the Lambs, Alive, The Chainsaw Texas Massacre and The Road.

Once in while, she looks at her cellphone, waiting for a message that she is never gonna receive.

She fakes receiving a text and lets me know that her husband feels sick and he has to go home.  She explains that he feels really sorry for not making it tonight.

With false regret she tells me that she feels terrible about it but she needs to leave to take care of her husband.


Who really took care of Dr Cuesta was me.  She will know that in a couple of hours.


I tell her not to feel bad.  I really understand the situation and I send my salutations to Dr Cuesta.


- Just a little service before leaving

- Of course Hannibal, whatever you need.


I ask her to wait a second.  I go to my bedroom to pick up two VHS cassettes and supplicate her to watch them when she has some free time.


Those are two short movies I made during her cinema course at the University.  I just want to know if they're worth it.


She smiles and tells me that she will let me know what she thinks about them.

She takes her purse.  I walk her to her car and she says good bye with a phony smile on her face.


Fifteen minutes later Dr Cuesta cellphone rings.

I don't answer.

Some seconds later a message enters.


- Where the hell are you? I'm already home, so, don't go to Hannibals. I told him you are sick.


I take the cellphone and answer the message.


- You are right, I was sick.  Now I'm dead.  Don't wait for me.

- Stop joking asshole.  I'm not in the mood.

- Watch the cassettes.  You will understand.

- The cassettes?

- Hannibal's cassettes.


The interchange of messages stops.  She is an intelligent woman and she knows something is wrong.


Now I'm gonna tell you what is gonna happen now.


Professor Norma is gonna play the videos.


The first of them will show her the scene of his husband entering my brother’s room, at the Institute.  She will see Dr Cuesta locking the door and approaching the kid who is hitting his head against the walls.  He does not hurt himself, the walls are covered by rubber. Dr Cuesta caresses Marco's hair and gives him a long hug. If someone could read doctor’s lips, the sentence “don't worry, everything is gonna be ok” would be subtitled in the screen.  The doctor takes off Marco's t-shrirt and kisses his torso. Then he takes off Marco's pants. 

I'm not gonna tell you what he does to my brother.  I will leave that to your imagination.  But not to Professor Norma’s imagination.  She has to watch it all. Like I did it.  Like Marco did it.  Like who knows which other patient of him did it.


The second VHS video will show her his husband being dismembered in a bathroom she is gonna easily recognize by a guy wearing a labcoat, latex gloves and nurse's mask.


Now is to you to tell me if I'm a monster or a hero.

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