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What is this about. I was high n well just trying something.

I never knew what love was, I learned what jealousy was before I learned love.

Then I learned she didn't have to love me as much as I loved her,Compromise she called it.

What goes around comes around, karma a bitch are my old habits catching up 2 me?

Sadly, I dunno. Old habits die hard.

The good times are here.

I haven't forgotten the bad yet. The homeless nights the  suicidal thoughts. Oh lord, thank you for walking with me.

 I ain't finna go back and review p my past I only look towards the future.

I still have my days who am I kidding.

Love is a mudafcka ain't it.. here I am again looking for new bitches,new bitches.

Young ma got them hips,no cuffing stright nasty fcking.

I can't find love only lusting broads.

they want my money, they want my weed, they want my house, they don't want me.

I can't find love that way if that what I'm searching for.

I'm looking for love in all the wrong places I've got some underlying issues too.

Daddy went missing mom wrked too much.

Ain't no love in the house after that.

Hot meals and the bills were paid dough I guess things worked out

I guess.

I'm not even a human being. why do I need love?

I'm complex, I know u gonna love me with all my weirdness?

Don't push my away my heart all yours. If you want it I swear too God,  I would go to hell for you.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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