It all started behind the shower curtain

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emma feels like she is being watched during her time in the shower, but as soon as she gets out what will have happened to her apartment and who was there?

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



It was a late evening when Emma Shawley walked through her front door,make-up smugged down her face making her look like she had been to a halloween party, she stumbled and shivered as she walked up the stairs each one creaking one by one. Emma being Emma forgot to lock the front door but she didnt think anything of it at the time, she quickly got undressed realising that her dress smelt of alcohol and she wasnt wearing the any underwear. The shower started running with no hesitation after the button was pressed, she quickly got in the shower and started washing her hair, this was when she heard the loudest bang she had ever heard other from when she was at a concert. Emma stupidly ignored it and carried on. Downstairs you could her the water of the shower trickling down emma's body but you could also her the sound of heavy breathing as if you were stood right next to a tiger spying on its prey. The latch on the front door clicked and she door opened rapidly as a shady, tall man entered the front room as if it was his own. Emma heard footsteps as she got out of the shower, she quickly went to her room and got her smooth silk robe on as she got pjamas out of her closet. If anything Emma was feeling sick from what she drank and also scared as she heard lots of noises downstairs but didnt dare go down. The man entered the bathroom where emma's presence still lingered, he walk to her bedroom door slowly and quietly so he would make sure she would catch him.

Later on that night, Emma felt as if she was being watched and bare in mind the mysterious guy hadnt left yet, she was just about to get up and turn the tv on when she was pinned to the bed by the guy as his mask started to come off as emma fought for her life. The man started to remove her clothes as if he was removing them off a doll, so rough he left red marks we he ripped her robe and underwear. Emma screamed and screamed but it was no use, the man had already gotten her naked and shoved her underwear in the mouth, she struggled to get out of his strong grip as he started to touch her in the wrong places.

It soon enough reached midnight when Emma had been raped and beaten, but when she woke up her eyes we solid black and she has black liquid stuff suffocating her body and face. She went to walk to front door when the tv turned on and she ran to it so fast you probably wouldnt realise it was a human. She softly placed her hands as some unknown hand reachs out and pulls Emma into the tv aggresivley.

This was the end of Emma Shawley.

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