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Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



It was a dry October morning. I had barley gotten any sleep last night, we had just had our first baby boy who we named George. He kept us up all night. 

We were happy to have our baby we were excited for him to be apart of this world. It was about 7 am. I went downstairs to put some coffee in the coffee maker while my wife was with the baby. 

I don't know if this next Part was real or if it was because I was tired but I looked out the window and saw a man by the woods next door staring at me. We didn't have neighbors to the left of us in fact it was still an empty lot. However we did have neighbors on the right a couple man and wife but not an older looking man. 

I got the coffee finished and poured two cups. Scott was barking by the door. I let him out figuring he had to use the bathroom. Our dog ran full force too the woods. I had to run up and give my wife her cup of coffee. I Handed it to her and told her I'd be right back. As I started to make my way to the Patio door I slipped in my slippers and slide the door open and ran outside. "Scott Scott" I called out walking into the woods. Something caught my eye. 

In the tree I saw the same older looking guy up in a tree. Scott our Rottweiler was barking at the man from the ground. I quickly grabbed a shovel I kept close by and approached the man. "Leave now and i won't hurt you" I said to the man. I needed to protect not only Scott, myself but my newborn and wife. I watched as the man said "hold your dog" I held onto my dogs caller. And we watched the man slide down the tree and he smiled at me and started to run. 

Well we never saw that man again but I did go up to that tree and made a terrifying discovery. 

The man had a map of our house and property, a pair of binoculars, a knife. I turned over the map and he had a picture of me and my wife with my eyes cut out. I never told my wife this but I contacted my brother who works as a police officer and we found out the crazy man was one of my wife's ex Best friends who went crazy after she got married.

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