A Tri-Gate appeared in a hill called Rascya just South East of a kingdom called Ainland. And four hundred thousand soldiers from the First Platoon of the Assault Sect was sent in. Airus, a soldier
for the Angel Sect, left in the kingdom by his childhood friend, Helen. He refuse the fact that Helen needs to go and went to Rascya himself. But over there is not what he thinks it is going to be.

Ainland - Airus is a preview or introduction to KWolf's new project: Tri-Gate.

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"'Drajhyon! Gat reyd!' Oor Kapitkhyaen sautid. It wazn loung undtyl oor walls wirr hit wiz furleim. Oor trups bornt to dyeth, und der is ... Read Chapter


"What? You're going with the Assault Sect?" I said to Helen. But she just smiled like its going to be fine. It's not going to be fine... Read Chapter


"Captain!" I screamed while flying low in the middle of the night towards the barracks. I smashed the door opened and my friends jumped a... Read Chapter

It ends here!

I am sorry if there are grammar mistakes and stuff that are wrong. I'm just trying to make this as fast as I could without looking back a... Read Chapter

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