Ainland - Airus

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Airus

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



"'Drajhyon! Gat reyd!' Oor Kapitkhyaen sautid. It wazn loung undtyl oor walls wirr hit wiz furleim. Oor trups bornt to dyeth, und der is neityng to stop it-"

"Airus!" a girl who mysteriously appeared said, "What are you trying to do now?"

"Nothing!" I jumped a little and turned my body back towards her. The mysterious girl was actually Helen, my childhood friend from Yurdhe.

She then marched like a soldier towards me and a bunch of kids, and said to them; "Don't believe what he's saying, he was just lonely when he's young. He's trying to find followers,"

"Hey!" I complained.

"Its alright sis. Airus was telling us about the dragon attack years ago," a small but taller than the rest of the bunch. With his hands behind his head, proudly said. "Also, he sucks at convincing people anyways! Why would anyone follow a dofus like him?"

"Hey!" I complained with my tone increased.

"Helbig! You do not speak an elder by his or her nickname," Helen told him off.

"Well, he's shorter than most of you so he must be a kid," the rascal said and you bet I chased him to the ends of the world.

But enough messing around, its time to introduce myself. My name is Airus. And I am from the Angel Sect of the Ainland Army. I guess what Helbig said was right, I am short. But just because I am short, doesn't mean that I'm not good at my job.

I joined the Angel Sect about a month ago. Angel Sect is a special squad specialized in using a machine called Ajzriel Wings. We are called Angel Sect but we're actually more of a Wall and Guard Sect. I mean all I do all day is scout around the Met Wall all day and after one or two spins my shift is over. But the pay is good: 40 Silvers and 2kg of meat. Ehh the meat I asked kindly.

Everyday was ordinary, I spun around Met Wall, got my payment, and head to the tavern. Over there I meet Helen and Helbig's band of kids. Then I went to work at a construction site where I get 25 Bronze for 5 hours and head back to the barrack and slept.

It was until this day, when Helen was sent to the Tri-Gate, along with 400 thousand soldiers of the Assault Sect troops.

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