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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Tri-Gate

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



"What? You're going with the Assault Sect?" I said to Helen. But she just smiled like its going to be fine.

It's not going to be fine. The Gate is a portal to the unknown. No one knows what lays beyond it. Because every 180 years a new world appear there. But this is a Tri-Gate. A portal that appeared three months ago and it is longer and wider than the Gate.

With no answer she left, leaving that smile. It looks sad, I can tell.

So I rushed back to the barracks and stole the wings. Climbed all the way up the Met Wall and jumped off. Half way down I opened the wings and it dragged me up. And then I flew towards Rascya, a hill where the Tri-Gate appeared.

Gates are said to be where we come from. The first people who appeared was King Eskalaar I and his people. But now we're separated and made into tribes. You could say I am an Eskarian, but I'm not.

When I arrived, I could see an encampment surrounding the gate. I lowered myself to land but a Winged Troop encountered me.

"You! Angel, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"I'm heading in as well!" I shouted.

He maneuvered his dragon towards me and tries to make me fall.

"You know abandoning your post is breaking a martial law!" he said.

"I don't care! Just let me-"

And before I can finish, the Winged Troop manage to hit me with the wings of the dragon and it made me fall. I don't remember anything after that. But I am sure while I was asleep, Helen and the others are there fighting.


I woke up in a tent and there was a commotion going around outside. I grabbed my gear that was left beside me and headed out.

I appear to be in Rascya, but I was far away from the Tri-Gate. It looks like they put me far away from the gate to prevent me from going in. It was also dark so I assumed that hours had passed or even days.

I walked towards the gate. But something caught my eyes and I jumped down as fast as I can to the ground. I laid still as a sound of something big coming out of the gate.

But speaking of the gate, in front of it was nothing. Not a single camp or people is there.

Have they abandoned me and left me here? But what about the Tri-Gate?

But the sound was getting closer. It sounded like a wheel of a cart that scratches iron with a loud deep continuous hum every two seconds. I can feel the ground shaking and at this point I wanted to leave but my body stood still, curious of what will come out.

And I thought what came out was an elephant. It was big, had a long trunk, but its shape is weird. And there are no legs but it has instead a weaving machine. It looks as if it has armor. About 8 of them came out but it was not finished. A metal box with a black thick wheels came out. I saw a person wearing an odd clothing inside the box. The box seems to be moving on its own, or is it?

They stopped and went out for a perimeter check it seems like. But before they saw me, I choose to leave this place and report to the Captain.

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