Clarities Not A Sin

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Just something that popped into my head whilst randomly travelling on a day out.

Hope you enjoy

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



Clarities Not A Sin


It helps to be factual, the facts will distract

Occupy the mind, don’t let focus be hacked.

Wandering thoughts, tire with each pace

Footsteps in memories forever interlaced.

Meaning behind words is lost but retained,

No thief could have stolen when all else is drained.

Murky, smirking judgement allowed to reset,

Gratitude overarching, forever in your debt.

Clarities not a sin but still i do avoid,

No poetry in the obvious when ridged like corduroid.

Existence of the moments are immune from time,

Longevity of inclusion surpasses the last chime.

Satisfaction overburdens, inevitably underwhelms

Forced to pursue unreachable realms.

Challenge is a product purchased by the sane,

Pursued by the envious ultimately all in vane.

Introspect and conclusion, a lifetime review

Loyalty and respect, available to accrue.

Penultimate principle station announced, all aboard

Enlightened self reflection, will soon be ignored


RJ Baker

© Copyright 2019 Baker. All rights reserved.

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