Angel Under Bloody Roses

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - Chapter 2

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



I awaken again...I thought everything was a dream but really it was somehow real. I heard someone telling me to get up. They said,"Amber,get up!Come on!" I moan and stretch my arms. Instead of feeling a nice warm bed it's a cold cellar floor. I gasped as the person picked me up. It turns out that it was Aaron. He said to me,"You know your father's stupid to think i'll let you stay in here." I look at him happy he came here to save me. He responds blushing and turning away and saying,"I don't have to you know." Yeah he likes me it's pretty obvious. I get up and pick lock the door and it opens. Aaron just stared at me surprised.I smile at him and we both sneak out. By the time we get to the next prison guards Aaron uses magic to make them think we are guards. Me and him both jump out the next window. I scratch myself on the leg. When we made it to the water Aaron grabbed me and brought me to the surface. I thought to myself,'How did he know i can't swim?!' he asked me "Hey,are you ok?" I look at the scratch it's not too bad but it hurts. I asked if he had anything to at least protect it. He rapt a peace of his clothes around my leg I was just blushing red! He helped me stand up. As I get up the scar makes me fall I shout," SHIT!" Aaron says,"Do you want me to carry you or do you want to walk or at least try your best not to fall."

I let him carry me instead of being in pain BECAUSE GOD DAMMIT IT HURTS. I think to myself, 'Hey at least it's not falling over and over!' then I fall asleep. When I wake up I feel a bit ill. What hurts the most is my scar it turns out it was really deep. I fainted instead of slept.  I noticed I'm in my room with my mama and Aaron. They're healing my scar. Aaron put his hand on my forehead and asked my mother to get me some medicine. I told him "You don't have to take care of me you know." He looked at me and said,"Well you have to get used it because i'm not letting you stay hurt." I say," Thanks that's sweet of you!" Aaron goes into tsundere mode and is all like," It's not like I like you Baka." 

Aaron walks out the room going to get something. My mom looks at me like most parents do when there child falls in love. I called her a idiot and rolled over. I blush without knowing, my mom tells me that she was kidding. Aaron walks back into the room. That night I couldn't sleep,the night I fell in love I couldn't sleep. I couldn't be in love with him that's impossible! I thought to myself," How can love Aaron or do I think of him as a friend,but every time I see him my heart starts pounding. I listen to some music get it off my mind but I still couldn't stop thinking about him no matter what I do. Then he goes in my room asking,"Hey,why are you still up?You need your rest." I tell him that I'll go to sleep if I can. WAIT HE'S SHIRTLESS HOLY CRAP! As I put up my book he hugs me and he says,"good night." when I lied down I knew I loved him.

The next day,I woke up to the sound of the door bell I answered it. It's Leo my ex boyfriend. When I answered it he said,"Hey i heard you were hurt." then I tell him,"Oh yeah but i'm fine!" I hear Aaron yell,"AMBER!" SHIT. When he get's to me he hits me. A tear just goes down my face i wispier,"Even if you hurt me you won't get out my web.." Leo asked Aaron,"Hey who are you?"Aaron said,"Tell me your name first."Leo answered,"My name's Leo."Aaron said,"Come in." I think to myself,"If Leo found out Aaron would be arrested same with you me!" So I whisper in Aaron's ear about it. Leo said,"Hey,why do you keep whispering to each other." We both tell him nothing. yeah I'm bad at lying so he knew. Aaron said,"Why do you want to know. Amber I need to show you something it about last night. My mom did something ugh. Aaron shows me a picture of us two hugging on the internet. I Shout,"MAMA!" Aaron shows Leo and he laughs hard. We get over it a little later. When my mama gets home I didn't care what she had to say.Yes I loved Aaron but it's not right to put personal things on the internet. I sit there with earbuds in. After that Aaron and me go out somewhere.

Me and Aaron both go out to eat through everything that happened today but we had to go with hoods because the police know what they look like but we wore a disguise just in case. As we walked Aaron said,"I hate making you do this but it's for safety reasons."I told him," I understand!" Then I get a phone call, I grab my phone and answer it. It was Aleana,when I heard her voice she seemed upset. I asked her,"Hey are you ok?" Aleana said,"I KNOW YOU'RE THE WHITE FEATHER THIEF!" When I hear that I start crying. I tell Aleana,"I've had a bad day and I don't want to hear that!" Aaron comforts me in the best way he can but, it didn't work I was still crying I couldn't think that she would find out but then all of a sudden Aaron kisses me.WHAT THE HELL HE KISSED ME! That made me stop crying."A-aron?"He said back sharply to me "Look I only did that because you wouldn't stop crying!" He turned the other way blushing. I said," No because your a tsundere my kawaii tsundere." He looked at me and turned back. It did work though it made me happier to know that Aaron loves me.That what made me move on....

<somehow forever I will be can try to heal it and Hell can try to consume me but i have my Heart left> 

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