Angel Under Bloody Roses

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



I held on to Aaron's arm. He looked at me and blushes and continues walking.When we reach the restaurant Aaron was blushing a lot. I laughed at him and told him,"You ok your blushing." He said,"Well it's not like it was because you were holding onto my arm!"I laughed again we walk into the restaurant.The waiter took us to our table. When we sit at our table it turns out that my cousins were at the table across from us. My ant is just like my mama so....she questions me and Aaron about our relationship my heart started to pound again I noticed this looks like a date. I blush and tell Aaron to answer it.  He answers,"No were just team mates." My ant says,"Oh you must be Aaron,nice to meet you!" I ask her,"Do he girls know about the secret?" She answers,"No,they don't."The girls ask,"we don't know what." I tell them,"I'll answer that later." I saw that Aaron fell asleep on the table I kiss his cheek. My ant says,"You love him don't you." I tell her,"I guess I do and never thought that this would happen me also Aaron's a tsundere."

We both laugh and it woke Aaron up. Aaron says,"I don't feel good ugh." I hug him to tell him that I love him but he seems like he doesn't get it. Than my ant says laughing,"He doesn't get it!" I kissed his head,he looked at me and blushed,then went to sleep. My ant, looks at me and takes a pic and sends it to my mama. I get really mad because I KNOW what my mama will do. I hear my father come in and I tell my ant to pretend we don't know each other. my father joins my ant and cousins looks at me kinda suspiciously to who we are. Aaron sits up and I tell him he has a cold. He whispers to me,"we will go without paying to catch the eyes of your dad. Ok than you'll see what happens next." We get up to leave,the waiter tells us that we didn't pay for your food. Aaron tells her,"What are you going to do about it?" She calls my father over and he aims the gun at both of us. I kick the gun and take my wig off to show my beautiful amber hair. My dad looks at me than at Aaron he tries to grab his gun Aaron steps on his hand. We leave the restaurant,Aaron grabs me and you both fly up in the air. HOW ARE WE FLYING IDK THIS IS A FUCKING FANTASY! It turns out he has magic wings! We watch the sunset together and then we kissed.

I woke up in my room,I ask yourself if it was a dream or what happened yesterday. I look at the time it was 1:54 I went to get my phone . I played some music until 2:00. Aaron came to my room drunk to ask me,"Amber,Did you have  dream about us going to eat and kissing in the sunset?" I shake my head yes. Aaron tells me,"I had that same dream." He walks to me and kisses me. My heart starts to pounding really fast I'M FUCKING DYING HERE. My mama comes in the room....drunk...yeah I cover Aaron's eyes yep.I put cloths on my mom. Then she says to Aaron,"WHY HAVE YOU BEEN COMING IN HERE AND KISSING MY DAUGHTER?!" I tell Aaron that it's not true she's just drunk so I bring my mom to bed. When I walk into my room I see Aaron sleeping in my bed. AW SO KAWAII! I just lay down with him and try to sleep. The next day I wake up to the chirping of birds.You turned around to see Aaron with his arms around me. I put lipstick on him to make him think I kissed him, I also wore lipstick. When Aaron looked at me he saw the lipstick on my lips and questioned me. I put my thumb on his lips he blushes,then I show him the lipstick on my finger. He blushes more,and then I tell him it was a prank. Then he grabs me and licks me. My face turns red at this point,Aaron says,"Look who's blushing  now!" I get up and get dressed in the bathroom. When I get out Aaron grabs me and we where going to steal the secret heart from the museum because it was closed today. When we arrived Aaron grabbed me and his wings appear we go through an open window. We pass through the lasers without touching it. After that about 10:00 in the morning on the news it says that the secret heart has been stolen. I put it on a necklace and pretended it was a fake. I lock myself in my room. The secret heart start starts to glow. When you fallen in love it glows. If I show this to Aaron he'll find out I like him SHIT. Aaron walks in seeing the necklace glow.

<I know somehow forever I will be broken.....Dreams are wishes your heart wants and sends to your head and A glowing heart shows love to them>

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