Angel Under Bloody Roses

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



I wake up to the police shaking me. I don't know what they want. I ask them what there doing here. My father says,"Hello we need to ask you some questions so we're going to take you to the station." I jump up to go get changed, and when they walk outside i jumped out the window into a bush. When they come inside to check on me, they see me running down the sidewalk. I run to your mother's house, when I knock on the door Aaron answers. I ask,"Can hide in your house it won't be long?" He says, "from what?" I say the police and he lets me in. I walk in to my mother crying on the steps. Aaron says,"Don't worry about her she's just crying about her daughter." I nod my head and ask to sit down. He says yes I can and we both sit on the couch. I notice that the secret heart turned back to red. It started to glow again. Aaron cuts the bandages on my neck with a feather he says, "So Amber welcome home you know you can't trick me with the delinquent act." My mom goes to me and hugs me. I thought that I would be lonely for a while. Aaron kisses me. I never thought he would forgive me but he did. The secret heart begins to turn to blue. I look at it and it makes your heart beat faster I feel it's connecting to my heart. I change your hair back to the original color. When I walk out yo see the police downstairs. They chase after me. I lead them to Aaron by accident. They trapped us two I shout "now!" and me and Aaron disappear they look for us two but we changed invisible. We become visible when they leave. I walk down stairs. My father is down there, I start to run up stairs. My father grabs my arm and hugs me. I tell him,"You can never change a yandere king covered in blood from their pieces on the bored and the enemy's I use them all as my pawns and i'm the king." I realize that he put handcuffs on me and wraps a piece of cloth around my mouth. My mother looks at me crying. I knew that she let my dad take me. Blood drips down from my eyes i remember i really didn't know how to cry when i was ittle up till now, I thought this was the end. I'm in jail now, My execution is in an hour. Blood is all over the floor one of the guards come to me and ask, "Are you ok?! You're bleeding!" The other guards comes and unlocks the door and I say that my father did it to me. They believed me,Idiots. They replace my father with me and puts me in a cellar. I go to my execution. When I walk in the courtroom everyone starts cheering and someone shouts,"This is for Aleana!"It was her mother shut up old hag. I look at the crowd with my eyes burning of fire, they all get quite. I continue to walk when I reach the end someone up there says,"Today we will have our revenge on our family and friends,and draw Aaron Thief to us because we have.....his girlfriend." I say," I'm not his girlfriend! just an magic girl that likes him YOU HAVE NO REASON TO DO THIS TO ME!" They look at me and say," Then why were you the last one with all of these girls?!" I froze i said,"did I do this I don't know who I am WHAT am I..... I'm certainly not.... I'm not human..... Am I? I'm simply a darkened angel." Everyone froze and I closed my eyes and turned them to light blue then that's when I transformed I called out," One named by the lord at birth I am Keana Princess of heaven and you are demanded to release me!" They freeze WAIT WHAT DID I JUST DO?! I left the room, When you get home I see Aaron sitting on the couch. I walk over and he's drunk crying. I tell a friend, Angel that he does it when he's depressed.She was over to comfort my mom well she's the only one that knows i'm Keana and I was still transformed says,"He's pretty weird." I untransform and I grab Aaron's hand and put him to bed. Then I hear a knock on my door. I answer it, it was my mother's best friend Moonlight. She hasn't been to my house in a while. She says,"AMBER MY BABY HOW ARE YOU!" I tell her I'm good. Aaron walks down stairs and lays on the couch. I tell him to go to bed. He says,"no!" I say," I'll kiss you if you do." then he says,"fine!" Moonlight says,"You and my son kiss Amber no!" I exclaimed,"WHAT?!" Aaron says,"oh hey mom." I tell her," Um well you see you came at the worst time.... Aaron is kinda drunk right now....." I grab Aaron kiss him and bring him to my room. My phone rings it's my father. I hang up the phone Moonlight asked who it was,I answer,"the police." She says,"Why didn't you answer it?" I tell her,"I'm Aaron's team mate." She looks at me and looks away.

-Aaron's point of view-

I wake up next to Amber. I pet her head,and walk down stairs. I see my mother downstairs, I question her. She goes and hugs me saying,"AARON HOW ARE YOU IT'S BEEN SO LONG but what is up with you and Amber?" I blush and say nothing crap what did Amber do?! I just walk away and walk out the door to see my dad running to my mother. I'm just so confused on what's going on. I run inside to see my father holding Amber on the the neck. Before I can tell my father to stop, Amber kicks him very hard and she runs to me. My father looks at me and says,"so you chose a girl?"You answer," Yes she's not normal though she's more than any team mate you can have." knowing that he was disappointed. He says,"she was a good choice she's pretty strong did you make her that strong?" I say no and I tell him,"She has a red belt."

-Amber's point of view-

I see my father opening the door. I run up stairs grabbing Aaron's hand. My father goes up to your room. Me and Aaron are in my closet,my father looks for me. I hear my mother walk up there. She begins to shout at my father. I lean on the wall sliding down on it and I begin to cry. I just nodiced that I'm the reason this is happening. When they both leave the room I walk to the window and jump out of it. I land in the bushes,Aaron jumps down there too. I run to my best friend's house Kc.When you knock on her door and she answers it you hug her still crying.She ask you,"Amber what are you doing here and why are you crying?"You tell her you messed up your family.Aaron runs up to you and grabs your hand.You pull your hand back and tell him you're not going back home. Kc looks at me and says,"Amber why don't you come in and we'll talk you can come in too....what is your name?" Aaron answers,"My names Aaron yours?" they talk a bit I stay at her house that night and I said I was going back to school after all this time.....The next day when you get to school some people look at me and when you go to your teacher she says,"Amber?Y-your back?" I shake your head yes.She asks,"I thought you were executed for murder?" Everyone in the room gasps. I look at her like she's crazy. I just walk away and sit in your seat. Class starts, when people walk in they look at you and whisper to their friends. Aaron sits next to you, you feel a tap on your shoulder. It was the bully, Mackenzie, She said,"I heard that you work with the white feather,pretty big on that." I look surprised on what she said. You just look at the teacher when she says to pay attention. After class I went to my club and when I enter the leader, Luna, runs to me and hugs me. I look down at her and smile. She says,"I- waaaait where is Aleana?" I look at her saying she was killed. She asks me," How did you know that unless you killed her?" I tell her,"My father's a police man if my best friend dies of course he tells me." She says," I can see bloody murder to your pawns you the king is cruel that's what I see an empty jar. But any way! People were saying that you were a yandere and we can't have that in the maid club!" Aaron walks in staring at the ground. I turn around and ask," Aaron what are you doing here?" He looks up and shows me the scars on his face. He asks," Are the scars bad?" I gasp running to him and ask him how he got them. The girls just stare at me and Aaron. Aaron looks at them and asks," What?" Keira asks,"So who's your boyfriend?" Aaron blushes and says, "I'm not her boyfriend!" I tell her his name's Aaron, they say,"THE WHITE FEATHER THIEF?" they didn't take that so good. I look at them embarrassed,Aaron says,"Now i'm only his son,not exactly him." Keira says'," You're going to be his next victim Amber." I tell them," My enemy is my victim not his my pawns are all my victims even if i'm the only one standing with blood streaming down and all over I must continue to win the game of chess."  He says,"I am her enemy that never falls this game of chess will not end until the white king finds the rose no matter how much times you come back to earth." then we both say at the same time,"The we are fighting in a war nobody can win but us. We battle the eachother not the police someday it will be a checkmate." Amber says," if i die i will come back the police are my pawns attacking me but can't hurt me truly." Luna says,"WOW THAT WAS." my dad walks in. He grabs my arm and say," Got yea!" Aaron looks at him and turns back around.  my father stabs him on the arm with his pocket knife. Aaron shouts," What the-?" I look at my father as my eyes are  burning of fire i kick him hard (and that's really bad) He falls to the ground and coughs blood up. i bark at him and he runs. i look at Aaron's wounds and use the secret heart to heal him. It didn't do much to the stab. I get some bandages from the cabinet and wrap it around his arm. Keira asks,"Do you guys deal with that everyday?" we both respond,"yes" and my dad comes back with backup. Aaron says,"Would you just buzz off because your only going to kill yourself plus your trespassing on school property you are holding a weapon so we should be on lock down. Give up." They attack us and I teleport everyone to the principal's office. The principal questions me. I tell her "my father is on school grounds without permission and is trying to kill us." She says into the speaker,"Students please report outside, including anyone else on school grounds." We all walk outside. My father walks up to me and grabs my arm. I pull away, the other officers surround you facing everyone else pointing their guns at them. I kick my father and he shoots my arm. I take his gun and shoot him in the head. One police officer shoots my foot because of his shaking hand. I shoot him and kick everyone else. They run scared, I get down on my knees and cry next to my father. Keira starts to walk to you but Aaron stops her saying,"I wouldn't go to her she's not...well...Amber right now, she's something....different a demon you should call it or more like a torn angel." I start to giggle I killed my pawns see i'm just one hell of a king! Their all traders I shout," I will win this game Aaron no matter if I go to the luna room. Luna says," You're KEANA?! AMBER HOW?! Lilly my sister i'm doing what father told me. Aaron goes to pick me up and you two go home. Aaron puts me in my room in the chains i hate. I fall asleep...into a very deep sleep.

Amber awakens at 7 am. She gets up out of her bed, noticing she's not in her room not even her own clothes. She knew she wasn't in a prison room, she was in an outfit that look like this

Amber got up to turn on the lights and heard a scream. She knew it was Aaron. She said," AARON!I need to save him!"She runs out the room then hears footsteps there coming toward her. She screams it grabs her leg. She tries to escape and succeeds. Someone comes to her and says,"Are you hurt?"She saw he was hurt she says,"I'm fine but you look hurt." He nods and she helps him a little,(DO NOT GO ON A SHIPPING SCREED WITH THEM) when she looks at him clearly he seems to have black and blue hair and brown eyes not Aaron. She continues forward and then she bumps into her father she begins to back away. Her father says," Keana, do you want to meet my assistant?" She then thinks,"Keana?Who's that?Where am I?It's like a mansion!" Amber nods her head and walks with him, then she remembers that hr nickname was Keana when she was 5-12 and her father used to be a scientist. When she meets the girl she realises she doesn't seem nice and wanted to stay away. Then later that night at 12 am she gets up hearing someone in her room it was that boy from earlier. He looked at her and said," Good your finally up, we have to help Aaron!" She says to him," W-who are you?" He responds," My name's Dark, brother of Aaron nice to meet you." She says," Well what are we waiting for?! Let's go!" They both run off looking for a way to the basement.

Then Amber falls to the ground and wakes up in her bed chained. she tries to lift her head but the chains pulled her back. Aaron goes up stairs and makes her lay down only getting a scream out of her.

Her mother goes up there and unchains her. Amber gets up and hugs Aaron crying. Aaron hugs her back trying to calm her down. Her mother asks," Amber why are you crying? What happened? And AARON WHY DID YOU CHAIN HER UP?!" Amber says," Mom i just had a horrible dream i was chased by cursed corps and Aaron and dad were attacked and i met this guy named Dark a-"

Aaron interrupts her saying," DARK?!" Amber says,"Yes, why?" Aaron looks so irritated and says," That's my brother."

He gets up and grabs his phone to call his brother. Dark comes to Amber's house. When he gets there Aaron gets Amber and says," Amber this is Dark, Dark this is my Amber." Dark walks in.

Amber then sits down and a bullet goes through the window and shoots her in the head. She dies from it.


<I know somehow forever I will be broken.....tears will be blood not for my pawns but for me as ....king>

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