Angel Under Bloody Roses

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



Did you really think it was over? No never, it will continue until they die together.


Aaron ran over to Amber, she was cold. He began to shoot at the police, Aaron knew he would see her again, He killed all of the police officers. Amber became the missing peace in love, Aaron's missing peace in Love. A few years later after Amber died Aaron, was connected to another person, She reminded him of Amber. When she became 14 he was revealed to her. Her name was Zoey. A month later they were walking to a restaurant, the one Aaron and Amber always went. As they were walking Aaron puts his hood over his head and begins to cry. When Zoey notices she stops him and hugs him. She begins to wipe his tears with her sleeve. She says," Aaron why are you crying? Was it something that happened here?" Aaron says," My girlfriend that died lived in the house over there. She's my missing piece. She was killed by the police." When he said that Zoey had a flashback. Of her and Aaron, Her as Amber. She was the reincarnation of Amber. Zoey didn't want to tell anyone not even Aaron. She looked up at Aaron and kissed him. She said," I'm sorry for you Aaron, she must've been important to you." Aaron looks at Zoey and says," You're the one to heal me." Aaron looks down and kisses her again. They began to walk until Amber's mother comes out. She calls out," Aaron is that you!?" Aaron turns around and says," Yep what is it." Daisy comes over to him and hugs him and says," I missed you!" Aaron looks at her and says,"I'm the cause of her death, why do you even care about me?" Daisy starts to laugh," You be the cause of her death? Pfff, please." Zoey says," Hello, um are you ok?" Daisy nods and stops laughing. They say bye and continue to walk. Aaron looks up and smiles. Zoey looks up too and asks him," What you looking at?" Aaron says," Nothing really." They both  just walk off and they reach the restaurant. They walk in and Aaron puts his shades on his face seeing the police. They both requests a table and the table was across from the police. They both just sit there. Zoey looks out the window. Then Aaron gets up to go somewhere, after he leaves some guys come over to Zoey and start to flirt with her (but worse) She stands up he eyes lit with fire and kicks them and they fall to the ground. and Zoey says to the police," You guys do a really bad job just because your on brake doesn't mean you can't help a 14 year old girl with 21 year old men." Aaron comes back saying," ZOEY WHAT DID YOU DO?!" She responds," kicked them self defence deal with it." They both sit down and eat. After they pay and leave the men come back. Aaron takes off his sunglasses and looks at them and says," Do I have to slice your necks open?" One says," Like you would!" Aaron draws out his knife and says,"I would." They laugh and say," Then show me! There's no way your the white feather thief he's dead." Aaron then cuts his neck. "The name's Aaron." Zoey says," Aaron let me do this." Aaron looks at her backs away and says," Good luck Amber..." Zoey walks to the men and one of them say," What are you going to do?" Zoey says," My name's Amber... Amber Zoey Ashes...."

The men laugh saying," Your not Amber Ashes!" Zoey walks slowly with a creepy smile on her face. When they notice the smile they begin to walk back. She runs up to the and kills everyone of them with one swing of her knife. She looks at Aaron with her blue eyes and says," I'm back Aaron..." The police arrive at the seen and see Zoey and begin to feel the same around they did Amber. One of them, Brother of Levi(Amber's father not attack on titan!),Light. He sees the glow in her eyes, Amber's eye glow. (Aaron was disguised if you were wandering <3) Zoey says," May I help you?" Light calls the others over and they all say she looks like Amber. Zoey just flips her hair back and walks away.

Light says," Amber was not that sassy, let's continue" Zoey begins to walk down the sidewalk when she sees someone run down to Aaron. She says," AARON!!" Aaron laughs and says,"Hey mom." Zoey exclaimed," YOUR MOM?!"Aaron nods his head and feather light says," Now go hide for your mother,before your father gets here." he says,"why?" She just puts him in a hiding spot. Zoey just looks so confused on what's going on. Feather light says," Don't worry about this go on." Zoey responds," I'm not leaving without Aaron." Feather light shushes her as Aaron's father comes down to them. Zoey gives him a stare, because she's met him before and he was trying to kill her. Aaron's father goes to feather light and says," WHERE ARE YOU HIDING AARON, AS SOON AS I GET HIM I'M GOING TO KILL HIM." Right after he said that Zoey kicks him. He falls to the ground in pain. Zoey says," BAKA!" Levi (Amber's father) walks out of his house. Zoey looking so surprised says," You're alive?" He says," Yes, i'm just i'm hurt really bad." Zoey looks down saying with her teeth still touching," So i didn't kill you?" They all stare Zoey down Amber's father shaking. Zoey says," I died because of you and know.... YOU WILL PAY." Aaron's father just runs same with Feather light, Levi stays pointing his gun at her saying,"I'm not afraid to shot don't come any closer!" Zoey begins to walk toward him pulling a knife out of her purse. Levi shoots at her but it just falls onto the ground. Zoey says," I am AMBER." she kills him for real this time. Zoey walks over to Aaron and says," i'm sorry i haven't told you earlier, but now you know!" Zoey walks down the sidewalk Aaron walks in front of her. Zoey grabs a rose from her pocket and smells it. She walks up to Aaron and stabs him. Zoey says," Aaron i'm sorry but this is our sake!" She stabs herself. 

So Kadence that's your mother's story don't you miss her?

Yeah...I wish i could have met her also my papa.

Well i have a feeling you will.

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