Time and Time Again

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Joel is a man of structure, lunch at noon usually, sleep around midnight. The same type of dream keeps coming back. Suzy goes out to lunch without Joel, Joel grows suspicious. Suzy is having lunch
with someone else! Joel confronts Suzy, conflict ensues.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



Time and Time Again

Act IThe Dream

Night time: I’m all alone in the woods, movement up ahead. Bear? There he goes, the same from before, its twelve o’clock, right on time. A hunter scoping from behind a tree, Elmer Fudd with a moustache, its twelve o’clock, he’s on time. The hunter approaches, slowly. Does a bear shit in the woods? This one sure does, not a worry in the world.  There was a rustle, a dash and then a shot…a nice one at that. The bear? He’s fine! The shot…it went straight through a seductive rabbit.

In summary; a relieved bear, a satisfied hunter, a dead rabbit. I was there at twelve o’clock, right on time.

Daytime: I’m at the office, slow news day. I’m sitting up-straight, it’s almost there. Early lunch? Good idea! We’ll meet there together, you and I, Suzy and Joel. Make sure you get there, on time, twelve o’clock.

In summary; a good lunch it was. I said goodbye, I’ll see you tonight, honey!

Night time, I’m going to sleep, goodnight kiss. My eyes are closed, the same dream again! The hunter, the bear and the rabbit, right where they were, on time, it's twelve o’clock.

Act 2Living the Dream

The hunter grabs the rabbit. It’s dead, he’s relieved. The bear? He’s nowhere to be found.

Daytime: I awake, time for work. I kiss my Suzy and leave. We will meet at lunch, not today…why? Suzy has a busy day…yeah right! I grow suspicious.

I’m at the office, another slow news day. Almost twelve o’clock, time for lunch! There she is, right on time, with someone else, at our favourite place! I stalk them, it’s a romantic lunch. Anger, jealousy, rage, my emotions take over. The man leaves for the bathroom, presumably number two. I confront, in rage. There’s denial, I turn deaf to her pleas. What can I grab? A candlestick…good idea! What follows? It’s a swift blow to the head, a nice one at that. Screams echo, I leave. The man is nowhere to be found. I go back to work.

Night time: I’m in bed, all alone. It’s time for a dream, as usual, it's twelve o’clock. I hear a loud knock, from downstairs. I walk down, sleepy eyed. Who could it be, at this hour, twelve o’clock? The door bursts open and it grows dark.

Act 3Nightmare

Several forest creatures are rallied around the hunter; they take his rifle and his freedom. The bear? More like a rat! The hunter sits in the dark, defeated and remorseful, hunting season is over.

Daytime: I awake, the guards rattle my cage. I get up; confess my sin, no use really. Who will hear me in this hellhole? I’m guilty and will remain so, the rest of my life.

I walk over to the mess hall. Time for lunch! I’m first in line. The one joy left in my life, lunch. I’m right on time, unlike the other inmates, it's twelve o’clock.

Night time: I confess my sin, no use really. I close my eyes, it’s twelve o’clock. What will my next dream be?


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