The Old Crow Magic Show

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Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



"Step right up, get your fresh Snake Oil here ! One tiny fanged dripped drop and the mercurochrome Magic begins ! Step right up ! You there, the man with the nose, have you ever felt under the weather? Have you ever longed for power? Then fear not, here it is, and all in one powerful potion made especially for you !"

"You there, patiently observing Miss Girly Shoes ! Do you ever feel like you need a little something to lift your spirits? To give you that gumption to improve your day? Well, here it is, an all one, multi-purpose multi-functional, semi-parabolic oxmonotive serum that delivers everything that aches your bones, body and brain !

"Step right up ! Get your fresh Snake Oil here ! Freshly sqwoze from the fangs of the Arctic Snow Serpent, a rare species if I do say so myself, and delivered untainted directly unto yours truly very own hands. Only one place to get it and now is the time !

"Any takers? Any believers? Anyone desire for the cure all to problematic mind invented manifestations?

"Here it is, for just small price you too can have this highly demanded upon product !

"I sell out everywhere I go.

"My stock is limited in supply, but I'm willing to let it go cheaply, for your sake, because I care.

"Anyone? Anyone out there?"



"I'll take one mister. Here, its all the money I have."


"Well here we go, see a true believer ! And, here you are; now read the instructions on the label carefully and may you enjoy this fine product."


"Thanks Mister, I am going to use it on my friend. They died a long time ago but I do miss them so. Her name was Helena."


"My daughters name was Helena ! And, she;"


"Yes I know. 


"The best revenge is to be unlike your enemy dear Mr. Magic Sir. So, since I know you gave her this hoping to cure her disease, and how it never worked out for the best, for either of you, I will give it to her again, by my own hand. I am going to pour it across her grave site, because I have a secret; and that is this one little thing right here I keep in my coat chest pocket. Its a powder."


"Well how strange folks, I seem to be taken aback. What ever could such a tiny creature have, that I, Mr. Old Crow do not know of, in which magical elixirs pertain?"

"I'll show you."


She pulls out a bone. One of his, that he had removed. A broken infected finger digit. Index to be exact.

Through all his pointing and false gangrene criticism over the years, he required an amputation by surgery.

The surgeon, this girls father, kept the finger knowing of the two girls friendship and gave it over to her.

She takes the bone out and cracks it half catching the dust into her hand.


"Your judgments and unholy words caused Helena to end her life. And, with your own accusing finger and pretentiously glorious displayed profiteering, I put a spell on you. Not because I believe them but because, we must all make things right."

The girl climbs aboard the wagon stage coach, pointing at the fake prophet. 

"Step right up, come one come all, and witness the miracle of my revenge; its free, as the price has already been paid. Enjoy the show !"


The Snake Oil Charlatan becomes immobile; frauding away in the nick of time.











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