Splash out dim drips withs limbs living waters that sings waters that swims kindness that kindred words that are speaking hearing that'll listen mechanics of heaven The causation of movement the spirit the enacter of origin Godliness via enagement of spontaneous acknowledge it would start with the omniinfinite the Lord Jehovah Starting from top(most) proper order lesser doesn't come first the child doesn't give birth The omniinfinite the Lord Jehovah the holy spirit the Omniinfinite worker of all works all moving moving and action isn't with inactive substance the Omniinfinite manager(heart) Jesus Christ Ordination Organization needs basis The living life the systematic of enactments the soul the individual manager of that the mind rejuvenate holy ghost The feelings the holy perceiver enacter of the holy spirit morning Star and all presence Jesus claimed life and all doesn't act/work alone but in systematic( 1 Corinthians 12:12 ) It was law that we be as(imitate the ways of God) Deut 28:9)God then it was law we be as Jesus those two the the most being and doing and clearly the freest as Water that swims tears that crys tears that licks themselves the life that lives more then twice

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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