Metaphorical Masks

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This is a slam poem (but just not spoken) about metaphorical masks


What is your definition of a mask 
According to google its a covering of all or part of the face to amuse or terrify other people.
But my definition something else 
My definition of a mask is something that you put on to hide what you don't what others to see
Like for example you don't like the new popular thing most people like 
Or that your depressed 
Or many other things 
Everyone wears masks
Her mask is a smile 
And her mask lies like everyone else 
Her smile is lying and saying that she not crying or dying on the inside but she's doing just  fine
Even though her family just died 
She wishes that she could confide 
Tell them that she is dying inside 
Tell them that she's like firewood slowly and painfully burning to ashes 
And the ashes that are left behind are swept away by the wind and disappear just like her mind
But it might be best if her mind disappears because the voices inside are like icicles piercing though her heart
But all they really want to hear is I'm fine 
So she puts on that smile and tells what they want to hear because if not 
they would misunderstand and make her take their hand
 And command her to get help
So she keeps  putting the mask on not showing her true self like everyone else when people come up to say,”are you okay ”
Because the help therapy
Which is just talking to stranger about your feelings and half the time they are quietly judging you thinking that you chose to be depressed even though you didn't 
You're  forced to take pills
Antidepressants Pills that cause 
Weight gain
Blurred vision 
And so much more
 So she wear her mask 
Like everyone else 
But for her own reason 
So ask yourself what is your mask and what would happen if you took it down and showed your true self

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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One word -- BRILLIANT!

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Sun, April 29th, 2018 2:20pm

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