Lakshman's Urmila

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A slice of life of police officer's wife!

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



Lakshman's Urmila

She sat by window of her bedroom. This was her favourite place in the house. It overlooked plush green band over a part of their concrete city. Here, she and Lakshman used to go to take casual strolls on a lazy evening. Evenings, when he would pick her up from office and take her there directly. He was too moody in such matters, she smiled to herself.

She rehearsed again in her mind the preparations in kitchen. Subzi's (veggies), fulka's, salad, ras malai (dessert) was ready. She was planning pulao (veg rice) and wanted to serve it piping hot. It was to be done in the meantime that he would refresh himself, she had planned, as cutting-chopping was ready. She was in full preparation as he was expected after hiatus of completethree months. How she had passed those months, she knew not!

Suddenly, door bell rang. She literally ran up to attend it. It turned out to be laundry man! She returned to her window. She would not be able to see him coming from any of the window as her house was facing opposite direction of main road. She now started getting impatient. Though in code language, but he had conveyed to her that he would come by 7 pm. It was almost 8! She assured her heart to believe. If he said he would come, he would definitely come, an ex army officer after all!

He had left army job to join a special squad of undercover anti terrorist unit of special officers. She was pissed off back then, as if army was not enough! But finally, his dream was coming true. She had to stand by him! She did!!

And now, on one of such mission, he was coming back. Victorious or not, she had stopped enquiring. The details, they kept coming back in moments of loneliness that he left behind. So she was better off it!

Her phone beeped for alarm. She had to put alarm for dinner at 9 pm. In routine days of being alone, she used to skip the dinner many a times and fall asleep pretty early. Some munching, with office colleagues, on way back home, would fill her up. But now, she had to be careful. She touched her womb. She had to take good care now. So dinner, then supplements. This definitely would be a very good surprise for Lakshman, she thought. She had not disclosed this news to Lakshman yet. She did not want baggage on him, while on mission. Also, she wanted to see his reaction herself.

Ringing phone brought her out of trance. It was mom-in-law. She answered allinquiries after her health dutifully. MIL did enquire after Lakshman's arrival back. Urmila had convinced her so far that he never used to disclose and used to keep his return a surprise. Though MIL never bought this theory, she did not countercheck with her ladla beta (son) either. None of them, neither her, nor his parents knew he was under cover police office now. They had sighed in relief when he left army unscathed. This, to them was, a 'normal life' now. After she was done with the call, she got up to fetch herself water. It was almost 10 now. 'Is he okay? Has he returned to India? Is he back in city?' She was restless. She had his number, But it was for emergency of non contact for couple of days, he had warned her repeatedly. Her health now, was not in position to take this much of tension.

She looked down from her 12th storey flat. From this height, nothing was visible down on ground. Just younger lot chilling near swimming pool. And orange shirt of a man! Ah! That third floor new resident! His irritating choice of colours. And his irritating opinions! She used to take her morning walks around the complex garden & had overheard him talk to all sorts of people many a times. Topic by and large was one and only - inability of government to save our lives, to catch terrorists and thus inability of corrupt police officers! It is easier for people to make such comments, she had concluded long ago. He was not the first one. And definitely not the last one! But he particularly, used to irk her a lot. May be because she was undergoing hormonal changes. or may be because Lakshman was not here to comment on his funny tone, weird style of walking and all. One thing for sure. This guy had managed to rub her on wrong shoulder!

10.30! She had to have dinner now, she reprimanded herself. But she was not in position to eat. Lakshman! He was never late. It was her experience of the three years that they were married and 3 years before that they were friends.This was very unusual. She was very much restless. She lit diya (candle) in front of mandir (temple) in her house and prayed to god for safe return of Lakshman! Baby moved a bit. She felt it and was overjoyed! "Papa is expected today, don't worry" She patted her stomach. Suddenly, same thoughts came back to her mind. She could bear it all. His absence. His dangerous life! His vigour to catch & kill all the terrorists in the world! This was indeed necessary. Someone had to do it.Not only for his own children's future,but for whole of future generation.

But why only me and my child suffer? Why not that 3rd floor man? Why not others who agreed to him on his opinions? Why only two of us? What good had they done that they had such a blissful life? What sin me and my child had done that we shall have such unsure & dangerous life? She did not have answers to her own questions.

She had though a baby would give her company in her moments of loneliness. But now, future was pinning her. It was 11 and yet, there was no sign of Lakshman. She pictured a little bundle of joy standing around dining table enquiring "Ma! Where is papa?" She collapsed mentally. How would she answer such a question, she knew not.

"Your papa has gone to make world a better one for you honey!" She pictured herself answering. But in reality she could think of only weird answers. "Your papa is after saving that orange shirt man. Saving my idea stealing colleague. Saving neighbouring housewives who would gossip oncontinuous abroad business trips of Lakshman. Saving old aunties of complex who used to advice her to leave job. Saving her cousin who would remark on low financial progress of Urmila. Saving autowalla's who would refuse her ride to office every day for want of lounger route rides!

She couldn't take it any longer. She started her laptop. She had left early from office and had some unfinished work for leave of three days. Office was only thing that filled her long day with some other thoughts. Also it gave her mental assurance of financial and future security. Lakshman's life was continuously in danger. Though he had promised her he won't get himself killed, he had also agreed to the fact that her job helped her stay calm and composed.

On 11.45, door bellrang again. Her life line was standing in front of her. All negative thoughts melted away as she melted in his arms.


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