the princess who loved a peasant

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dive into the amazing world of mariah, a young and beautiful princess whose life was going to take an unexpected turn when a boy named cohen arrived in her life. it's my first attempt in sharing my
stories to the internet, hope you all will like it. :]


Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



The Princess Who Loved

A Peasant...





Mariah was a pretty young lady. Protected and loved by her parents. She was a lovely woman of high stature. YES, she was the young princess of Casadia.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK ….. The three stammering noises on the door rattled me out of my sleep. It was my mom trying to wake me up for the upcoming big day tomorrow. “MOMMM….the celebration is tomorrow.” , I exclaimed groggily, while rubbing my eyes with one hand.

"Honey quickly get up, your uncle must be arriving with young men from all around the town for tomorrow’s celebration.", mom said. The great Casadia Summer Festival was one of the most important event in our country and this year my parents have decided that I will be welcoming the guests.

Stepping into the warm shower was one of my favourite things to do every morning as it smoothly washed away all my tensions. With a bright smile and upright spine I gracefully made my way to go to my mother's room.

The huge walls of granite lit up faintly with the escaping light of sunshine as I walked down the stairs. A giant hall, filled with beautiful chandeliers was being prepared for tomorrow.

My mother was an unapologetic lover of roses and when I say unapologetic I mean it. The aroma of freshly bloomed roses circulated all throughout the corridor as I hurriedly ran towards my mother’s room.

"Ohh honey, you took so much time, JADEN was waiting for you for so long.", my mother greeted me as i came inside her room. I quickly exchanged my greetings with Jaden, my childhood friend as my mother was  giving instructions to the new servants for tomorrow’s feast. ‘Hello Mariah, good morning .’ , said Jaden beamingly, and I returned it with a demotivated good morning. Jaden was a year older than me and he was going to turn 18 this September. Long black hair, sharp eyebrows and carved jaw bone were his notable features. Jaden was the son of uncle Peter, my father’s distant cousin. His mother passed away when he was quite young and one week after her demise he arrived in Casadia. Jaden was sweet and charming nature wise and quite flirtatious as well, and his enthralling excitement of meeting a bunch of pretty ladies tomorrow was quite evident.

“You look so melancholic Mariah, is everything all right?”,said JADEN worriedly. Sighing heavily I instructed him to go somewhere more isolated. On sensing my thought he politely excused to my mother as we quietly made our way to my favourite corner of this entire castle, THE LIBRARY, or my cave to be precise.

As soon as we were alone, I quickly shut the library door and pulled Jaden to a corner and poured in his ears all my worries. Jaden snickered a bit and of course I hit him with a stack of unbinded papers for that. “Ouchh…SORRY, SORRY. I thought, princess Mariah Garcia Rosewood the II, was scared of nothing.”, said Jaden while rubbing his head with his palm.

“OHh you don’t understand Jaden and you will never understand.”, I spoke while frowning because of him taking my full name. “Why don’t you understand that despite being born in a royal family I never was interested in its work, yes I’m Mariah Rosewood but I never felt like a princess from inside. Before being a princess I’m an ordinary girl and I also love to go out and explore this city on my own, and this opportunity was never granted to me.”. As the sun rose, the library also brightened up by passing time and with that my fears and insecurities also peaked inside me. I sat down, stooping my shoulders and then a warm hand caressed my back. It was Jaden, he sat down beside me being the best listener he could ever be and spoke, “ Mary, dear I know you are scared but don’t let this fear eat your self confidence.” Taking my face in his hands like a caring guardian he comforted me and said,” tomorrow is a big day for you and I want my princess to stand out amongst everyone. I want you to be filled with confidence and to give your best.”, “you are a princess and you will always be a princess.”. with glistening eyes I muttered a weak thank you to him and got up with new energy for tomorrow’s celebration.

It was afternoon and the weather was not looking very calm,” I pray to lord for a calm weather tomorrow.”said  lady Campbell while setting the lunch table. I was as usual writing or rather scribbling on a piece of pape, my welcome speech. “Honey prepare yourself for lunch.”, my mother said to me. I got up to sit on the dinning table and suddenly a clack-clack sound of horses tapping their feet on the ground echoed through the castle. A wide smile played along my lips as I knew it was none other than my father who came back from a one month expedition to our neighboring countries. “father, You are back…..”, I exclaimed with joy and ran towards him. He too filled with joy hugged me and patted my head. After sometime I noticed someone behind my father’s horse. A young boy with sparking dreamy brown eyes, light brown hair, slightly pinkish porcelain complexion and a ragged white shirt was standing next to uncle Peter. Noticing my curiosity uncle introduced him to me, “ Mary, meet Cohen. We found him on the sidewalk fighting with shop owners and guess what, your kind hearted father decided to recruit him,” said uncle Peter laughing a bit. He looked into my eyes and bowed slightly and I returned it with a welcoming smile.

A thunderous sound startled me and I realized it was about to rain. Everyone including Cohen went inside the castle. It was going to be a busy day tomorrow that I knew,and with this thought, I ate my dinner. Then I wished Jaden, uncle Peter and my parents good night and went back to my room.

After showering, I lay down on my bed looking out of the window as the rain poured down. I knew at that time that my life was going to change quite soon.The luring smell of rain mixed with  soil lurked around me and with many thoughts in my head I drifted off to sleep.


End of chapter-1.

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