Footnotes for My Ex's New Love

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Sometimes its the words you least expect to say that set you free.

Submitted: April 28, 2018

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Submitted: April 28, 2018



If you're reading this chances are you are now the new love; my replacement. I must have done something incredibly stupid that I just couldn't come back from because I assure you, I would have tried. Congratulations, you are now holding the heart of Greatness. So here are a few notes on how to not ruin it and how to maintain keeping it safe, Well because chances are; I still love this person very much and would do anything for them and if you're reading this then I really hope you do too.

Note 1: Treat her like she's the only person in the world everyday because all she wants is to be the #1 sometimes.

Note 2: Sad/ Depressed When she's upset don't speak just be there. When the world makes her tired and She lays in bed knees to chest just sit with her, rub her back, let her cry for awhile sit there until she pulls for you to lay with her then silently hold her til she falls asleep. SideNote: Do something sweet later.

Note 3: Anger Sometimes she likes to be alone especially when she's upset, give her that, respect that and no its not you. Angry or not don't be prideful love even her stubborn side, bombard her with kisses if you have to. SideNote: Do not attempt a funny, it will literally get you the death glare; its very uncomfortable. Note 3: You will have ups and downs together, what couple doesn't. Buckle down and ride that roller coaster, its worth it. Be her steady ground when the rest of the world is swaying.

Note 4: She WANTS you but she doesn't need you. Your job is to simply love her as she you. That is it

LastNoteAndMostImportant: She is a wonderful and amazing person, a diamond in the rough, the type of person you only meet once in a lifetime twice if you're lucky. Treat her as such, she is beautiful both inside and out so treat her soul and mind with just as much love and respect you show her body.

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