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A 7 part short story: London, Whitechapel 1888 and the city is in the grip of terror as a crazed killer stalks the dark streets carving up innocent women, who the papers are calling, Jack the
Ripper. Scotland Yard call in the help of retired Oxford professor of the sciences, Sir Charles Wilkinson Maynard as an advisor to these brutal killings.

This is a Celtic-Scribe63 spin on the Jack the Ripper story. Warning: contains, adult themes, sexual references and bloody gore and violence. As usual it would be great to read any of your comments
or thoughts about this story. good or bad, I can take it.

Table of Contents


It was then that she heard the strong steady footsteps behind her. Coming to a stop, Mary Nichols forced a smile on her face and turned around.

Emerging from the fog a tall thin man materialised and solidified as he came to a stop before her.
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Chapter one

Sir Charles Wilkinson Maynard and Inspector Abberline of Scotland Yard join forces to hunt down and arrest, Jack the Ripper.
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Chapter Two.

Warning! Contains adult themes and strong bloody violence and horror.
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Chapter Three

Charles and sergeant Vinny Salter visit an opium house hoping to find answers to the identity of Jack the Ripper.
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Chapter four.

Charles Wilkinson Maynard has an unexpected visitor. Inspector Abberline and Vinny Salter investigate the opium house Mistress, Leung Nuang. The Ripper strikes his third victim. Warning: contains
adult themes, strong bloody gore and violence.
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Chapter five.

D.I. Frederick Abberline in charge of the Ripper investigation, springs his trap to capture the infamous, Jack the ripper.
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Chapter Six

Charles descends into the murky depths of the River Thames to hopefully find any clues as to where, Jack the Ripper has disappeared to.
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Chapter Seven

The concluding chapter of, The Ripper by Gaslight.

Warning: contains adult themes and strong bloody horror and violence.
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Dr. Acula

Great prologue CS ! Nice imagery and atmosphere !

Sun, April 29th, 2018 7:33pm


Thanks for reading it.

There's lots more weirdness to come yet, hope you will stick around to read it.

Sun, April 29th, 2018 3:53pm


A gripping and macabre start to this atmospheric chiller.I could almost see the scene with my own eyes being played out.Excellent imagery with nothing spared for the imagination as the evil fiend sliced open his victim as if she were nothing more than a joint of meat.If she were unconscious after her throat had been cut then she would have been spared the agony and torture of the menace which awaited her lifeless body.I enjoyed the descriptive scenes leading up to terror which awaited this victim.The tension was palpable and this prologue (chapter 1) certainly whetted my appetite for what promises to be a right ripping yarn.

Tue, October 1st, 2019 5:42pm

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