Holiday Adventure.

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Quite alot of things could happen when you go on holidays, especially if you have kids with you. You need to be alert, and make sure things goes well. This story is partly true, and partly false.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



We decide this year to go to the seaside. The two kids loved the idea. They had big smiles on their faces every day. There was Janet and Alfred. Janet was just a year older than Alfred. She was just turning 15. Very intelligent, helpful especially with older people. Alfred was a bit impulsive, likes adventure, very active.

A couple days before we started on our journey I gave them a lecture. They were accustomed to my lectures. The kids knew I was a discipline father who needed to protect his family. They can have whatever they wanted, if it was in me to give them that. My family meant a lot to me, and I didn't want any harm to come to them, especially through acting foolishly.

There was no doubt that they understood clearly what I wanted from them. They had their bicycles and all the other play things that children their age had. The only thing they didn't have for themselves was a TV in their room. But there was the main TV in the living room for all to watch. I heard no complaints in that area. Later on, they got their own TV and music equipment, and was satisfied. They were happy and contented. Getting grounded hit them hard; especially when their friends would come calling around. So they avoided getting grounded for they knew when that happened, it was a three-days thing. They weren't so happy when it took place, but when it was over, a glow on the faces again.

The time for holidays came, and we took the bus down to the station where we would pick up the train to take us to Rotterdam. From there we shall take the boat to Harwich. The Intercity was on time, and we boarded it. At Rotterdam, we took another train up to the harbour. Two hours later, we were on the boat and heading to Harwich.

Half an hour before we boarded the boat, Alfred was missing. Did I panic? Of course, I did. If it had happened to you, you would have felt the same as I did. We looked around in the toilets, and all the spare places, he could not be found. Then I took a walk, up to the small station with two platforms. Slihtly to my left, there was a big yard near to the sea where all the big lorries parked up. He was there looking eagerly at some boats.I grabbed him, and hurriedly went back to the terminal just in time to catch up with the last passengers.

Everything went down well on the trip to harwich. It was there that it all started. We got through customs and out the door, and onto the platform where the train stood. Alfred had heard me talking about the train, and he rushed in front and went on the train waiting there. There we were on the platform staring at the train pulling away. Normally, there would be a conductor on the platform. We were lucky because the train pulled away, to connect with more carriages for the London trip. Having seated ourselves on the train for London, Janet, Alfred, Anna the wife, and myself John started looking in magazines and comic books. Alfred is mad on these comic books. I must say that they captured me as well. The wife and Janet were looking at the recipes. I said to Alfred, ''Try to see id you can stay close to us when we get off the train. We are almost there, just an hour yet.!'' He shook his head in affirmation

The train came into the London station on time. I got up and reached for the luggages. There was a big rush, I looked and Alfred wasn't there where he supposed to be. I got the others to get off, along with the baggage, and to wait at a certain spot while I search around. I searched a few carriaages, nothing. I went back to the one we were seated in, still nothing. Then it hit me, the toilet next door. I went there and sure enough, he was there. He had slipped in quickly when the rush started.

Making our way for the underground wasn't an easy job. There were many people going to  and fro. We finally came onto the platform just in time as the train pulled in. The slide doors open, and Alfred again, was first in, even before any one could  follow, the doors went shut and the train moved away. I was steaming, left there on the platform minus one of my family. It was sorted out without much trouble. We took the next train and met up with him at the first stop. I said, ''Alfred, get a grip!''

The End.


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