Description:  We all face challenges in life. And at times, we feel like giving up, but I have chosen to survive through these challenges 
Persevere- I have vowed to never, ever give up on life and my dreams.



Oh, don't you try to hold me down
Try to break me apart

'Cause you don't know what I have been through
Oh, I have seen it all
I have been a warrior to be a survivor

Yes, I get lonely
And at times I see my life flashing before my eyes

With enemies feeding on my soul
like vultures feeding on dead bodies.

Oh, how they expect me to fall on rock bottom.
 But with my life being a written book with unread chapters in heaven
I'm still holding on to dear life and climbing a mountain that seems so far away.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Missy1920. All rights reserved.

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