Humanitarianly Alive

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Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



Whether my eyes were perpetually closed; or whether they indefatigably stared towards the flamboyantly sparkling Sun; for times immemorial,

Whether my palms languidly lazed under mammoth hillocks of worthless sand; or whether they articulately evolved grandiloquently exquisite artistry every unfurling minute of my destined life,

Whether my hair dolorously stuck like insipidly parasitic worms to my gloomy scalp; or whether they ravishingly swished till beyond the realms of bountiful paradise; with the exhilaratingly brazen wind,

Whether my lips invidiously clenched into a ballistic grimace; or whether they unfurled into a perennial festoon of; voluptuously charismatic smiles,

Whether my blood ruthlessly froze in my endless conglomerate of veins; or whether it gloriously spawned countless more; of my innocuously holistic kind,

Whether my bones deliberately sagged into a disdainfully pathetic heap; or whether they euphorically galloped forward in the marvelously royal and spell binding
fervor of majestic life,

Whether my shadow ominously abhorred even the most celestial entity trespassing it; or whether it embraced all religion; caste; creed and color; in opulent symposiums of mankind; blissfully and alike,

Whether my cheeks insidiously rotted with murderously debilitating disease; or whether they blushed to a scarlet more poignantly fiery than thunderous lightening in fathomless sky,

Whether my feet ludicrously slept like a demon for countless more births; or whether they astoundingly crafted a township of irrefutably priceless righteousness; on every step that they heavenly tread,

Whether my stomach remained treacherously starved without even the most minuscule element of food; or whether it replenished its delectable interiors; with
all appetizing aroma and goodness of Mother Nature,

Whether my teeth radiated a gorily morbid yellow even in the most gruesome of blackness; or whether they blazed like an immaculately scintillating pearl;  irrevocably clinging to the; unconquerably sacred womb of mankind,

Whether my brain transited to more a state more dumber than the salaciously penurious dustbin; or whether it gorgeously fantasized to the most unprecedented
limits; weaving a tale of incredible intrigue and handsome innovation,

Whether my voice crumbled to derogatorily discordant nothingness; or whether it placated even the most tyrannically deadliest of devils; with the marvelously
royal cadence in its; timelessly ebullient sounds,

Whether my sweat stunk like a boundless pulverized tomatoes and dead fish; or whether it Omnisciently shimmered; in the rhapsodically divine euphoria
of vivaciously vibrant life,

Whether my ears maneuvered only towards the sounds of sleazily bawdy raunchiness; or whether they miraculously drifted towards; even the most faintest cry
of horrendously inexplicable despair,

Whether my shoulders disastrously sank infinite kilometers beneath the remorseful corpse even in the pristine prime of life; or whether they hoisted all those in despicably horrific suffering; towards their abodes of eternally gratifying compassion,

Whether my conscience harbored precariously sinister spirits of the corpulently evil; or whether it culminated into an ocean of perpetually unassailable righteousness; even as hell torrentially rained from the cosmos,

Whether my breath lackadaisically contorted and cursed every moment of gorgeously bedazzling life; or whether it bequeathed mesmerizing whirlpools of sacrosanct
existence; with every puff of fiery air that it exhaled,

And whether my heart morbidly pledged to relinquish each of its beats; or whether it immortally palpitated; invincibly enveloped by a wave of unconquerably endowing love,

It was you; you; and only you O! Divine Beloved; who encapsulated every cranny of my blood; body and impoverished breath; not only making me feel the richest organism on planet earth; but giving me a holistically humanitarian  reason; to be forever human; and to forever be humanitarianly alive.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.