Humanity And Happiness

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Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



Bring life to your devastatingly chapped and gloomy lips; with a gorgeous ocean
of profusely amicable smiles,

Bring life to your dolorously isolated and groping eyes; with a poignant river
of boundlessly emphatic beauty,

Bring life to your pathetically dried and shriveled veins; with a vivacious sky
of piquantly crimson blood,

Bring life to your ludicrously staggering and maimed brain; with perennial rivers
of seductively mesmerizing fantasy,

Bring life to your horrendously famished and dithering stomach; with exquisite cuisine's of ravishingly exotic food,

Bring life to your ruthlessly jaded and orphaned palms; with a vivid fountain of magically inexplicable destiny lines,

Bring life to your pathetically dwindling and despondent ears; with an endless forest of mystically resplendent sounds,

Bring life to your treacherously lambasted and tyrannized cheeks; with untamed fireballs of ecstatically dancing exuberance,

Bring life to your insipidly malignant and termite ridden hair; with a marvelous waterfall of blissful sandalwood paste,

Bring life to your languidly incoherent and sleepy fingers; with a scintillating rainbow of magnificently royal pearl rings,

Bring life to your incorrigibly dumb and insidiously slimy tongue; with a torrentially uninhibited whirlpool of fabulously silken voice,

Bring life to your savagely fluttering and extinguishing shadow; with a fascinating tornado of bountifully spell binding enchantment,

Bring life to your rustically bohemian and perilously stagnating feet; with the timelessly majestic pathways of eternally bequeathing artistry,

Bring life to your horrifically sagging and irately dysfunctional eyelids; with an unfathomable mountain of impeccably flirtatious winks,

Bring life to your icily stoned and turgidly abhorrent neck; with an acrobatically ebullient island of incessantly drifting movement,

Bring life to your murderously crippled and sardonic imagery; with an insatiable paradise of exuberantly frolicking angels,

Bring life to your monotonously manipulative and blatantly lying conscience; with the Omnipotent light of irrefutably sacrosanct humanity,

Bring life to your despicably withering and tumultuously tortured nostrils; with the Omniscient panache of voluptuously divine breath,

Bring life to your lecherously betrayed and shattered heart; with the one and only religion of unsurpassably immortal love,

And bring life to your satanically broken and commercially convoluted life; with the everlasting tonic of unassailable humanity and happiness

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