Hunger For Hunger

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Hunger for inimitably insatiable fame; an inherent longing to be known by the entire Universe; for every philanthropically ingenious thing that you ever did,

Hunger for even the most infinitesimally sparkling fruits of Mother Nature; blissfully replenishing your diabolically emaciated intestines; with the gifts of symbiotically natural creation,

Hunger for fathomless rays of the Omnipotent Sun; brilliantly streaming each morning through your window; wondrously ameliorating your brutally frazzled soul; to the aisles of unassailable paradise,

Hunger for inscrutably tantalizing adventure; the timelessly mystical pathways of the uncannily exhilarating and unknown; greeting you wholeheartedly at every juncture of life,

Hunger for majestically unparalleled aristocracy; unceasingly languishing in the most pricelessly embellished castles; and seated upon the ultimate throne of superiority; with countless more of your fellow kind,

Hunger for indefatigably assimilating the principles of symbiotic existence; and then tirelessly applying the same in even the most ephemeral aspect of your life,

Hunger for acquiring every penny of wealth that exists on the trajectory of this boundless earth; so that you could perennially ensure that none of your fellow
living beings; slept a devilishly famished stomach in the heartless night,

Hunger for blazingly sky-rocketing to the absolute apogee of Everest; from where you could endlessly sight every single speck of this unconquerably royal Universe,

Hunger for the waves of stupendously mellifluous music to profoundly engulf every arena of life; so that even the most infidel instance of inexplicable grief; was forever metamorphosed into the melody of happiness,

Hunger for limitlessly ravishing caverns of scent; profusely inundating even the most oblivious ingredient of your persona; with the ecstasy of unending titillation,

Hunger for eternally bonding with the spirit of humanity; infallibly uniting every spurious caste; creed; religion; fraternity and tribe on this everlasting planet; into the religion of undefeated humanity,

Hunger for incessantly beautifying both the body and soul; with the ideals of enchantingly invincible simplicity and the gifts of panoramically unfurling earthly evolution,

Hunger for unsurpassably trouncing even the most infidel insinuation of the devil; with the unflinchingly peerless swords of unshakably divine truth,

Hunger for bountifully benign prosperity on every quarter of this gargantuan planet; so that man and environment forever thrived with the pearls of peace cascading  down from the unfettered heavens,

Hunger for victoriously unchallangable magic; which astoundingly transformed each iota of inconsolable misery on this unlimited earth; into a mountain of sparklingly united strength,

Hunger for waterfalls of jubilantly undying sensuality; which triggered you to spawn into countless more of your own kind; contribute your very best to the Lord's undying chapters of sacred prolifeation,

Hunger for everlastingly synergistic goodness to caress you and bless every aspect of your impoverished life; so that you reached closer and closer to the
Omnisciently Regal Almighty Lord,

Hunger for the that ultimate utopia of spellbindingly insuperable truth; where there palpitated nothing else; but an atmosphere of godly righteousness washing every sin of your past; present and future life,

Hunger for the heartbeats of Immortal Love; which made you forever feel the most pricelessly blessed organism alive; irrespective of your caste; creed; status; religion; persona or dolorously impoverished kind,

And more importantly than anything on this unceasingly spectacular Universe; a perennial Hunger for "Hunger"; which could make all the above and an infinite more
good like the above; into an immortal reality.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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