In the Name of Living Earth

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When we lend our time when the high attention is more than our request from the living Earth, are we efficient to tackle any solution superior than our existence ? This is story of the Wallstreet
and the global trade that may not be the superintendent what it pays. I have written this as a request. May you understand. :)

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



Just imagine the living Earth,

To tackle one unsury in the near future,

A doubt pertains in my mind

Journey more into this divergence speaks our earliest existence,

Where our villagers seeks justice even if the world perishes,

Justified we stop and ask who will deliver justice for all,

Today this living Earth delivers a system broken and need to be fixed,

Our impartiality cast implications on the alleged perpetrators of this crime is even worse,

Human depravity on this arrested order when suspect is our unplanned national development priorities,

Where winning often on the Wallstreet runs on unrealistic projections,

When this powerless performance-based expenditure provided to all,

To stay in the village the act on our losing revenue deficits not to be compromised for incentives,

Is this the reason why we pay uncontended conditionalities for this mechanism of unequal grants ?

Still markets must not lose inflations and seek refuge in fiscal space of deficit and debts,

Yet this call misconstruct why the commonman pays not by sinking feeling of power but power of reasons,

Twisting the very law when it is not the first time this global trade came home for all members avail your decommissioned traffic,

It existed to halve the need to live in the same village caused by the change in reasons to be afraid,

Our situation hate to lose the face upskilling this same party trick on the global system of trade exchange,

Did what matters to all solved by tax cuts only meant money and power so may misuse anything anew ?

Are we all uncooperative showing the culmination of a backward discourse is the birth pill of this genesis?

When the final report on the civil nature act as mistake of the fact when witnesses saw this complaint,

Will the living Earth seek no presumption of innocence cannot hold a pawn among generations taken to this escape route ?

Under duress we feel the suspect of our case,

Was doing this sweeping work encroached from all influentials of the global village,

When no compensation incur the wrath addressing the missing link causes lesser for the dry weight of leaves and the bottleneck of our financial untouchability,

A humankind in the universal story tells us,

The living Earth grows our population to meet the targets of hunger and malnutrition not lacking blindness and lack of awareness,

When our environmental challenges conserve food for thought and resettled climate change as its strengthening unsubstitutable paradox,

Will the initial action plan calls for the evergreen transdisciplinary venture for one humanity in risks and opportunities with the living Earth ?

When God created us here,

The clinical nutrition gifted us life here,

Our cooperation managed the sustainable choices on trade and development,

Today we influence this young unexploitable soils,

For they tame an energy with a large sudden demand,

Our prospects edits sporadic on success remains to be seen,

In time of this uncertainity,

Let us ask the living Earth,

A voice that feel this gravity within through its knowledgable pursuit,

May your assessment that speaks task-based and listens skill-based,

Feel we are one to promote a very important part of cooperative pedagogy in the little effort,

To learn wash-back that works hand in hand,

When our attempts measure reach its potentiality to be strictly implemented and constantly monitored,

May their findings test the living Earth thriving,

On this tool when you will defense the observations of a humanity tribunal,

Help all in the name of development,

Be our urgency why we need the living Earth for our universal existence. :)

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