Evolution of Reincarnation

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This poem is dedicated to the astral travelers, the star gazers, the window glazers, who can reach out through the glass windows of time, or the blessed souls who have crossed the road into the
afterlife, tasted spiritual awareness, and have returned to give credence to the evolution of reincarnation. An uplifting poem to all, as if I've soared in shoes, and wore your wings.

Love and Hugs….to the spiritual unknown for which we yearn to drink of its knowledge in this lifetime...just breathe



The Flow Of My Heart To You

Much needed spiritual rest

I’ve returned to inspire the best

I’ve looked over the mountaintop

Things I’ve witnessed will not allow the flow of my mind to stop

I’ve tasted hunger

Seen the lifeless look on the faces of whoremongers

Beauty gone, virginity robbed while they were so much younger

Money will no longer be evident in this life

Turmoil led by continuous strife

Implanted devices denial if not

The mark of the beast will mark its spot

Elements of mankind

Mentally strangled under the signs of times

 Some people out of sight will be out of their mind

No Love and No Hugs

Zombies roaming the streets enslaved to manmade drugs

Society ruled by salvages and gun toting thugs

I’ve seen the blood of death

The poor begging crumbs from the tables of wealth

The Have and Have Nots

Cameras with no morals screened as a hanging Gordian knot

Viewers hitting like buttons without a script without a plot

Seen in the eyes of everyone

Silent observations of delinquency without a microphone

Are we now reaping from what technology has sown

Society fighting for a fifteen minute spot in the limelight

Charity giving, snatched away by Mother Nature’s cruel plight

Wandering sheep without a spiritual leader

I tell you all of this, and no I’m no mind reader or Sunday school teacher

Spiritual attuned from a land so far away

It all started from my denial on Judgment Day

QRS complex waves mounting up

Flat lining in and out

Paddles of Life to heart electrocuted without a doubt

Between the gray areas of an elevated body

Past the Masonic Temples, the Christian doors and even higher than the hidden secrets of the Illuminati

My spiritual being has evolved as it roamed

Traveling fast to a blinding light of the unknown

Been here done this

Second time around more cryptic bullshit

Excuse my phrase

But yet, I’m still mentally amazed

I write from remembrance to my Heavenly father to get this right

No time for sins no time for society’s political fights

Had He chosen the fiery road where would I be

Enteral Flames of Hell daily welcoming me

Now I have great days with living, giving and all

Thank goodness the bed of earth cushioned my heavenly fall

Angels sighed we lost one again

Why does women and men deny eternal life over sin

This is where my second book beings

I’m coming straight from the heart.

My mind in Book One was my first initial start

Thoughts between here and there.

The place where your mind wanders, the place no one seems to care

Heaven and Hell

On this earth you can never tell

I want my crown come this second time around

If I’m denied

 For me, one step down

So, sit back, relax and allow me to engage your mind

From here to there, a land way before time

Have you ever said, I’ve seen this before

I’m your testimony to say it’s your first life reconnecting from no divine rewards

No it’s not Déjà vu

It’s your soul trapped while your head still bowed

God’s punishment to you for your Commandments of disavowal

Your body has resurfaced from a portal through minutes

Stay in this moment stay in it to win it

God’s words stated I must get this right

I hope through my words you will understand my emotional plight, while I never lose word of sight, as a person might

Although, it does occur at times, despite, that internal beam of spiritual light

The crown of glory He begs to place upon our head

Sacred scriptures given intellectually somehow escapes the mind from what we’ve just read

I’m sure my narratives will leave many thoughts of words unsaid

So, say your prayers before you get into bed

The subconscious is where the secrets lies

The pathway to our Creator and the mysteries behind the What, When, and the Whys




Submitted: April 29, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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