I Didn't Need Breath To Live

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I didn't need blazing fires; as I had her flesh in intimate contact to ignite my yearning desires,

I didn't need the turbulent ocean; as I had the river of her ecstatic tears
cascading down my neck,

I didn't need the poignantly smelling lotus; as I had her luscious lips to kiss unrelentingly and feast upon,

I didn't need mesmerizing sights of the world viewing through my binoculars; as I found all beauty and fantasy embedded in her curled eyelashes,

I didn't need water to drink; as the last drop of my thirst was quenched with her mere caress,

I didn't need a spurious sequence of laughter; as her innocuous gestures when she played; made me have the smile of my life,

I didn't need dreams to inundate my mind; as my ultimate reservoir of imagination lay encapsulated in her hands,

I didn't need food to eat; as the profound empathy in her expressions made me entirely oblivious to both morning and night,

I didn't need enchanting sounds; as the melody in her voice pacified infinite infernos exploding in my mind,

I didn't need time to be acquainted with; as the enamoring complexion of her lids had cast a mystical spell on my life,

I didn't need brilliant sunlight to shimmer across my face; as I had the austere rays emanating from her persona to enlighten my darkness,

I didn't need a couch impregnated with pure gold to sleep upon; as I had the moistness in her lap to succumb to an everlasting slumber,

I didn't need salubrious vitamins to resurrect my shattered senses; as I had the tenacity of her love to guide me through every step I took,

I didn't need valleys laden with blossoming flowers to rekindle my soul; as I had the enigmatic passageway down her throat to stare at in open mouthed astonishment; till eternity,
I didn't need trees with dense foliage to sequester me from the sweltering heat; as I had her fascinating shadow; to scrape out every bit of fatigue from my tired bones,

I didn't need exotic perfumes extracted from a mountain of musk; as I had her sweat to inhale; which sent me right back into my innocent childhood,

I didn't need magicians to decipher my future and fate; as I clearly saw my destiny prominently in the lines of her soft palms,

I didn't need intoxicating cans of beer; as the sensuousness of her body stimulated my mind more than a barrel of alcohol,

And I didn't need breath to exist; as the bond of her romance had ensured that I would live beyond time; immortalize the essence of sharing for boundless decades to come.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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