I Had, I Dreamt, I Made

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I had hands roughened with passage of time,
calcium nail coat with irregular indentation,
supple skin with pores of youthful endeavor,
fresh dark lines on palm, ruddy in complexion.

i dreamt of luxury cars with Dunlop seat,
spacious rooms with filtering Sunlight,
appetizing food served in silver,
arrays of crystal adorning ceramic polished wall,
pure ivory cutglass made from elephant tusk,
Persian satin cloth draping my bare flesh,
ice cold water for euphoric summer swim.

i sliced tree bark with butcher knife,
collected grey stone sprinkled with ash,
blended sticky clay with pitchers of water,
rolled spiked wire to form a fence,
crushed marble chips, sparkling granite, to flat tiles,
dug deep wells for extracting pure ground water,
clipped cable wires for transmitting current,
set the hands of gold watch at my favorite nine,
snatched all finance from blood sucking population,
built a two story house with red baked brick.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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