I Hate The High Society

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Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



High society was pompously spurious; blowing pricelessly precious moments of sacrosanct life; in  wisps of obnoxiously sleazy cigar smoke,

High society was abhorrently malicious; invidiously castigating its own counterpart behind their back; while garnering a sanctimonious smile in front of the same,

High society was inconspicuously threadbare; harboring diabolically ominous tendencies for the miserably oppressed; evolving castles of rotting currency on their poignantly scarlet blood,

High society was spuriously ostentatious; diffusing the entire tenure of their claustrophobic life; in dungeons of hideously ungainly manipulation,

High society was brutally tyrannical; indiscriminately lambasting the diminutively innocent; to baselessly inundate their venomous treasuries; with even the very last iota of food in their impoverished stomachs,

High society was insanely ludicrous; unrelentingly dictating the poor to polish their worthless shoes; then wholeheartedly laughing their hearts out; admiring their capriciously grotesque reflection in the same,

High society was ghoulishly devilish; preposterously drinking wine in the realms of their own cheaply glittering chambers; while the immaculately blissful commoner shivered uncontrollably; in the acridly freezing maelstrom outside,

High society was ambiguously hypocrite; perennially breaking hearts like frigid matchsticks; with their devilishly unholy promise towards the chapter of resplendent life,

High society was truculently unforgiving; cold-bloodedly treating even the most inadvertently committed of mistakes; with the vindictively gory heel of their satanic shoe,

High society was abominably authoritative; salaciously dictating their unfathomable graveyard of whims and woes; upon the wonderfully ingratiating fabric of eternal mankind,

High society was treacherously bombarding; demonically marauding the symbiotically triumphant happiness of every righteous household; with raunchily stinking notes of indescribable corruption,

High society was surreptitiously precarious; giving you the merciless slip towards the corpses of ultimate death; when you thought you had secured an invincible
stranglehold on the fortress of bountiful life,

High society was heinously wasting; inviting their snobbishly silken cats to eat in plates of fathomlessly scintillating silver; while the disastrously orphaned urchin was breathing his very last outside,

High society was egregiously parasitic; barbarically sucking rivers of blood to rejuvenate their meaningless lives; when all what they actually needed was just two droplets of holistic water,

High society was indefatigably fretting; agonizingly complaining about God's panoramically resplendent creation; just because the Sun filtered an iota too
more through their murderously tinted glass,

High society was a ridiculously dead skeleton; incessantly witnessing the Lord's beautifully fragrant creation through glasses of lecherously licentious wine; and then collapsing into countless bits of worthless chowder; as the wind increased its pace even an inconspicuously exhilarating trifle,

High society was ruthlessly heartless; malevolently betraying the souls of impregnably true lovers; morbidly incarcerating them within jailhouses of sanctimonious status; caste; creed and tribe,

High society was tumultuously penalizing; lunatically violating God's every divinely virtue; having the wealth to purchase every confectionary with the opulence in their pockets; yet remaining a sordid failure in the pages of existence,

High society was a robotic tycoon; self-conceitedly squelching the winds of voluptuously regale artistry and breath; with inclemently mechanical behavioral
patterns; all throughout the day and enchanting night,

High society was a uxorious dog; uncontrollably wagging its criminally slavering tongue; at even the most fugitively ethereal insinuation of titillation and extra wealth,

High society was parsimonious mosquito; nonsensically disseminating its affluence on nubile vixen and bawdiness; bereft of even the tiniest beat of perpetual love in its insides,

High society was a hollow termite; horrifically guzzling the threads of harmony; symbiotism; unity; with its canines of torturously vengeful prejudice,

High society was an asphyxiating web; which tightened the noose of its ill will more tautly upon you every unfurling minute; derogatorily drowning the element of sparkling truth in your persona; with its gutters of inevitable lies,

High society was torturously imprisoning; crippling the wings of your fascinatingly seductive freedom not only for this; but for an infinite more lives,

High society was a boundless sea allright; but without even the most mercurial trace of waves; compassion and sensuously redolent togetherness,

High society was an ostracizing gallows; lividly laughing at traumatizing sorrow around them; basking in the glory of their falsely fiasco brawn and might,

High society was arrogantly deceitful; bending down like a obeisant snail in front of lambasting superpowers; whereas the Creator ruled every bit of this endless Universe; ever since the moment it was born,

High society was unreasonably questioning; wretchedly molesting innocuous organisms; for ostensibly no fault of theirs or their humbly humanitarian kind,

High society was an impudent stone; shattering not only the truthful glasses; but the irrefutably patriotic conscience of a synergistically common man,

High society was pretentiously civilized; behaving like a astronomically nail polished angel on the bustling streets; while ripping each other apart worse than what wolves could execute; in the bloodstained upholstery of their castle room,

High society was pugnaciously blinded; maniacally overlooking even the most magnificently majestic empathy around; in the monstrously debilitating shine of incongruous coin,

And although it was unfortunate but true that I was born amidst its integrally sodomizing cradle; I had; am; and will always hate the high society till the end of my time; and in every blessed life of mine.

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