sin and crime ..

A sequential story for each episode A title for a sin led to a crime that tells the story of a young man who collided with a crime and became a known investigator

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the first episode

(From wife killer)

My indifference has settled in my involuntary behavior. When I look around to the sleeping place and my daily environment, the only one that looks like an African forest is a group of pigs with
some cattle. It has been incubated for more than a year and the rain is falling, and the water is confined, there is no way to stagnate. Mud is muddy and the leaves fall from the trees and the
forest becomes a refuge from the dirt And in a distance without a limit and sky without clouds running in the direction towards the lash Roundabout and a little head and cold from the attempt to
knock the door I was between the truth and the imagination body here and there there knocked the door with a force I looked at him indifferently Vdq and knock with all force and shouted If you give
me soiled clothes rose Like the body of a man doused before in a traffic accident and there in the thigh bone and forearm and turbulence some of the trauma and there is a concussion in the brain
What seemed to me I was dealing with Shi What believe me that worries and grief is heavier than that it is so many Emotions feelings and waving of feelings is gone and hope becomes a false Messiah
opened the door voice preaching A voice shoots and tells me that I s She went into a pitiful state and went out without looking. She went to the kitchen and found the tea burner, and near it, on
the table, a bag of bread, poured tea, and ate bread. My mother approached me and said that it was a shame to let your mother talk to you and leave her alone. I could not smile. I lost my sense of
humor. I lost my sense of responsibility. My mother kept trying and trying to get me out of the pressure that my father ordered. He went out early between me and that commitment to help me until I
was able to make a living. But I have extended this contract between me and him. I was disappointed. Sometimes I had a disability put them down Threw them not able to commit themselves in a life
that rehabilitated things and great things if we did have become the good side of this life, but I think I make a mistake occurred which turned my life upside down and made it home Miloudramaa all
there melancholic since my decision to leave the university My mother put some of the girls in front of me and smiled and said, I brought her sister with her husband yesterday I said to keep you
share of it was my mother is still looking at me with my eyes a spark of love trying to take me to the carpet and flying away from that gray spot in my life but still I am a curse in this house
 And while my mother was talking to someone who is not embarrassed, deaf blind dumb, I entered the house of our neighbor, a gypsy woman, her mind as a cow at a moment of grazing with
curiosity. You do not know. What does not mean? Stay away from those who do not belong to you. Peace be upon me and my mother. But I have signed on the ears of Rababa of whispers We heard yesterday
that the wife of the Secretary has entered a thief to resist him and killed her I have signed my ears on the biography of the killing was not the rest of the conversation is clear but changed the
features of my mother and Wright lips moving and my mimics of her movement was saying no There is no power except in God. I did not dare to ask them what they were talking about But I was standing
there, I saw a woman talking to the devil in his house and stomping him with fire water if she wanted to talk to my mother about something that might make my mother not sleep fear. The woman came
out after she disturbed my mother. My mother sat on a chair that was near her and did not look around. I was curious. If she approached the house again, it seems that she bothered you, she did not
look at my mother, but she said, "We have lived and seen and God's mercy is upon you." Naima said, "From Naima, The secretary was close to my mother's cousin and his wife Naima was bringing us
closer but a distant relationship and not between us but I think my mother sad for her cousin wore her dress and rushed out

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sin and crime

..The guilt and crime .. A sequential story for each episode A title for a sin led to a crime that tells the story of a young man who... Read Chapter

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