"Basically, your body is a vessel for the Devil, and that's why I'm here." As Dalton tries to come to terms with his mom's death, he realizes that the secrets his family were keeping from him was
for a reason, and Seth gets to be the one to untangle his life for him, all while trying to keep him alive for the sake of a contract. M/M slash

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I am originally posting this from my FictionPress website. I am currently in the progress of completing this, then will go back and correct some things. I know there are some errors and
modifications that could happen, but I want to complete this before editing it.
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Blood and Papyrus

Perfume stuck to the photos and notes like smoke on clothes, a sickly sweet odor that was aged with time. It all wafted out of the chest,... Read Chapter

Open Book

It wasn't the smell of cinnamon or grease that woke me up the next morning. Instead, it was the clanking sound of me... Read Chapter

Black Blood

Getting a hold of my dad was futile, opting to leave two voicemails for him to call me back being my final choice. I... Read Chapter

Birds and Smiles

Despite us sharing my room, I felt alone that night, trying to force myself to go to sleep. The attempt to close my eyes was always soile... Read Chapter

Gold Ink

Another thing I learned about Seth was that, even with his magic letting him change clothes whenever he felt like it, he took forever get... Read Chapter