justus will prevail

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story of a young man shown through candid moments, in order to reveal the perservation and drive he contains.

Submitted: April 29, 2018

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Submitted: April 29, 2018



Justus Will Prevail

I feel relaxed and luxurious and the center of my huge mansion. I'm in the back room creating a new sonnet or piece of music haven't yet decided. There's so much space in this room the Acoustics are incredible. The sounds seems to be playful, giving them a joyous quality as the sound reverberates off of the walls. I stopped for a second to think what did it take me to get here? And I thought back....... 1986 Today's the day. Justus has been waiting. The day is Christmas Eve. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. It's around 8 or 9 o' clock in the morning. He's been waiting. Waiting very patiently all month. Heck all year. This was to receive the best present of all. It seemed almost magical as if you could receive a thunderbolt straight from Zues himself. His mother came into the living room where he was watching cartoons. The t.v. was low as not to disturb her sleep. She passed through slowly dragging her feet still trying to wake up. She had on a robe and slippers as she dragged her way into the kitchen. Half asleep she then proceeded to make her coffee. She always did like it dark, no sugar. She said it helped her it was called her "go juice". Hell sometimes she even called it her glass of "get right." After she was done fumbling around in the kitchen she made her way to the living room she sat down on the couch and took a seat. Justus sat at the footing, bottom placed on the floor, back against the couch. They both sit there in front of the TV watching an episode of Tom and Jerry. Scylla slowly sips on her coffee you can hear the noises of her drinking over the TV show. "Ahhh" she gives a sign of relief. "Just what I needed." Justus gets up and raises the volume on the TV. " Don't raise the volume on the t.v too much boy" already awake responds quickly " It's not like anyone is asleep anyway so what does it mat-" Scylla reacts immediately, "Hold your tongue and don't finish that sentence if you know what's good for you." "Now I have half a mind to take back what I was just going to tell you." Justus looks back over his shoulder at her with a curious underlying tone "I was going to tell you to go grab a present from up under the tree." Trying not to jump out of his skin. He stayed calm. He always prided himself on his composure. She went on, "only one of your choosing the rest have to wait till Christmas Day." He slowly got up, precisely eyed the tree and doubled back multiple times. Finally this caught his eye what he was looking for. His mother managed to bury the biggest present of all under the rest of what she had bought. She saw him light-up, she wished she had hid it entirely. Scylla didn't want him to open up the biggest one yet, then he wouldn't have anything to look forward to come Christmas Day. He started tearing the paper. She thought "what the hell is hours difference." Justus couldnt wait heart beating mind racing "please please, let it be the year" he finally revealed the box underneath the many layers his mom had purposely placed. It was his very first keyboard. It came with all the newest sounds, bells and whistles. It read Casio on the front. His mom had been working multiple jobs saving up for quite sometime. Scylla would give to him before she provides for herself. His heart sinks, his eyes began to water and he hugs and thanks his mom and tells her "Just watch out I could become the next Ray Charles." Winking his eye, he finishes his thought, "So come rain, or come shine." He fumbles to get the box open almost dropping it once. "Not if you drop it first, you be careful, that costs money believe or not and it wasn't cheap show some respect toward it." 1989 "Hey Justus you going to come outside and hunt for eggs?" Brye asks

He responds "nah, I feel like I'm getting too old for that, plus I'm on the verge of really nailing this song". "I was thinking of you the other day" she tells him. "I bought you this" and hands Justus his first metronome. "This should help you stay on beat" she winks at him. With great appreciation he thanks his cousin. Brye walks down the hall with purpose, joining everyone else whilst saying "your loss!" Justus may only be eight but he wasn't concerned with what the other kids were concerned with. He had been captured by the music. Every note, every chord, every rhythm, every melody, seemed to captivate and leave him in awe. After having played for 3 years up until this point, he started to come up with his own song ideas, they radiantly spewed from his imagination. The combinations he created were jotted onto very cheap five star journal paper. That's not what mattered what mattered is that everything was being recorded. He could hear the kids outside frantically running around as some of the parents are screaming out. "To the left, in the tree!!" Another voice chimes in. "You just stepped on one!” He tried to block out reality as he dove deeper into his music. Practicing his melody over and over again. Why this day, why was it so special? Justus knew that after his family goes outside and egg hunts on Easter Sunday they always come back inside for a meal afterwards. The whole family gathers in the living room, dining room and kitchen area. They gather around for banter, good food and wild stories. Justus thought this could be his opportunity he could play his first song for his family. A brilliant idea. Very nervous about what they could say or their reaction he presses on. Shutting out possible criticism. " I think I'll call this song, Serendipity." Little did he know this performance would spark a fire in him, through the kindling, and create a passion so intense he could burn down Yosemite park. Justus knows his family and he chooses his timing well. As soon as everyone has gotten their plate filled and assumed the position to devour, Justus enters the room. " If I could have everyone's attention!" His voice cracks. Mind racing, nerves high. " I'd like to play you a song" Scylla speaks up "Damn! That's my boy you go son show em what you've been working on." Justus set up his keyboard and stand, places his journal in front of him on the music shelf. The room falls near to quiet. Everyone looks at one another then back to the forefront of the room. He starts off slowly you could see the shake in his hand. Uncertainty almost, in the actions. At the time one could almost be nervous for him, wanting to go up in the front of the room and take all the attention off of him. It was at this moment there was a change, a shift in the Continuum if you will. Where the whole vibe seemed to go from clueless, to precision. His hands starts to Glide across the keyboard as if he had done this a lifetime ago. The fingers guide his body through the rhythm and the song seems to wisp him off to a distant land, far from judgement or critism. He relinquishes control to the song over saving face or mundane posture. The room during the entirety of the song, was kept silent mother's, aunts and daughters all fighting to keep the children quiet as they witnessed a product in the making trying to suppress goosebumps. Justus finishes everyone immediately starts clapping. The Clapping fades, and the first one to speak up, his uncle Karem. "Boy I forgot we were even in this house for a few seconds there. If you can continue to do that they won't be able to stop you."

Scylla spouts off, "Listen to your uncle he is a wise man Justus." Karem slides back into conversation. "You see people like you make it, cause they understand it's not the ‘Thought of' ‘The act of,’ it’s the 'FEELING,' of getting rained upon...........and I felt that." 1994 "So today's the big day!" said Solitude the school bell rings. It chimes twice letting you know second period is going to commence soon. "What did you say?" Said Justus "the bell cut you off." Solitude repeats himself. "Today's the big day huh?" "Don't make me think about it anymore than I have to" replied Justus. Solitude was Justus's close friend they met in the third

grade over Skittles and some lemons. One minute they are sharing snacks, a bit of small talk, the next they're inseparable. They have been best friends since. Justus and Solitude get to class. They take their seats usually sitting next to eachother, towards the back of the classroom. This is for less visibility from the teacher and room for shenanigans. "Okay class get out your textbooks we are going to study the human anatomy today and scratch the surface on dissection. Pun intended." No one ever acknowledged Mr. Thymes awful jokes. Solitude leans over and whispers to Justus "I'd like to study Teals anotomy!! Booyah" This was the prettiest girl in school, might have even been in the whole town. Justus laughs histerically but quietly "she wouldnt give you the time, even if she was a watch maker! Booyah!" Mocking his end statement. "Yeah, yeah well soon enough when we really get into our music, I won't have to worry about that. I'll have a Rolex to give THEM the time." Mr. Thyme comes out of left field, interrupting the conversation raising his voice above the dull roar of the class. " Is there something I'm not discussing up here, that we should be boys?" Staring with intensity at Justus and Solitude both reply harmoniously at the same time. "No sir!" Mr Thyme turns back to the board. Solitude speaks up again " see this is the bullshit I'm talking about I can't wait till we are outta here." Justus quickly retorts. "Calm down princess, we still got another four years of highschool to get through." The rest of the day seemed to be in a fog or haze. Have you ever been driving from point A to point B and forgot exactly how you got there? Or don't even recall what streets you took? This felt similar. Justus couldn't remember what the rest of the day entailed. He seemed to come back out of the clouds, as soon as music class started. He always liked music class, specifically the teacher is what made the class that much better. It was a female. He always seemed to connect to females a lot more maybe because he had a mother around never a father figure. He didn't know what that type of companionship felt like. Her name (pretty) Priti Day or Ms. Day. Justus and her had an instant connection she spelled out her name at the front of the classroom on the board. P-R-I-T-I and he realized his name wasn't the only one that was spelt different than it sounded. She connected with him through music he seemed to be the only one in the classroom that had drive or a deeper appreciation for what was really being taught. Some of the other kids just figured they learn through osmosis. Not Justus, always practicing weather in class or practicing material outside of class. So today is the big day. "Justus has a leading performance, tonight after school hours so we will all gather round to give him our attention as he plays a practice trial." Says Ms. Day. Justus plays it the first time through flawlessly. The teacher is impressed, Justus is ready. He is hyped for the show later. Ms. Day splits the children up into musical groupings by instrument brass section, percussion so on and so fourth. Justus is pulled to the side by the teacher. Not literally, they walk out into the hall to discuss further matters. "How are you doing?" she asks " Alright I guess I feel like I'll be able to pull this off no problem" he replies " That's swell and all young man, but I'm asking if everything is alright with you? How are things at home?" Asks Ms.Day. Taken back he reveals truth. "Yeah I guess I'm alright for the most part mom has just been really wierd lately. It sometimes seems as though she is more passionate about my music than I." His teacher jumps in "that's a good thing right?" receding into deep thought Justus tells her "Yes and mostly no, she pushes me so hard lately as if there is so much at stake, I'm just not sure I can always meet the bar she sets." He continues, "She's gonna be there tonight watching me." Ms Priti rebuttals "don't take it too personally she only sees your true potential and wants you to strive for greatness, you can't go at these things tentatively you have to give it all you got. Most importantly have fun." Now let's get back in there. He takes her words reluctantly knowing that there is something deeper at play. Its 6 p.m. the time is here the show has already started and Justus is the last to go up. Like teach said save the best for last. This line up position would go on to haunt him forever. He is standing on the side of the stage behind the curtain the audience is ready, and in a dull Roar. They patiently wait for the next preformence. The lights are set, the whole stage seems to be perfectly illuminated as if everything was orchestrated for this night, for his entry. Stage crew consisting of students and faculty start setting up Justus's piano his stand and his music shelf. He stands there awaiting to walk out on stage holding his five star Journal. Solitude comes from behind and puts both of his hands on his shoulders and starts massaging him. "You got this man." Justus takes a deep breath and steps out on stage. The lights greet him first, but if you ain't in the first five rows we can't really see your face. Everyone starts to get quiet, providing him with respect and courtesy. His fancy polished black shoes make loud thumping on the stage as he crosses upon the wood floor. This immediately commands attention. He may only be 13 but he walks with the posture and confidence of a tycoon. He takes his seat then precedes to look out into the audience. His gaze crosses his mother's intently staring as if to say "don't you dare let me down." He continues to scan the audience for a moment trying to find any familiar faces. He finally meets eyes with Teal she looks at him as if to say "We're ready to hear what magic you can come up with." Justus starts to play, he is shaky and nervous but it does not seem to be unwavering or fleeting. Solitude from stage side, feels his heart sink into his stomach. "Oh no." Justus, like many days in the business of law, would receive his first loss this day. A feeling of defeat sweeps over him as he trips up, on the keys of his song. From there it seemed to be a slow downfall of doubt and stage fright. The audience begins to talk. People questioning their closest chair mate. At this point he cant block out reality, reality is too loud, and it's winning. His mother raises from her seat, adjusting her dress she walks out during his flaming crash. She does this without saying a word or so much as a look back. 1997 "Hey." no response. Solitude speaks again. "Hello, Justus, you gonna eat your food?" He waves his hand back and forth left to right in a swishing motion in front of Justus's face. Solitude was eyeing down his country fried steak. Justus comes out of his fog " Um come to think of it, I'm alright." He pushes his plate forawrd towards Solitude and eyes it with content and disgust. He had eaten what he had wanted but the rest was just not all that appetizing. Solitude speaks up. "What's wrong youve been distant lately?" A few seconds later Justus responds "I've not been distant, just.....in thought" "Is this about Paislee?" Asked Solitude. "Yeah we had a falling out a few weekends ago.” Quickly and on the move Solitude retorts "well why wasn't I made aware? I am your best friend and all?" Justus with a heavy heart, "I haven't been wanting to accept the reality of it all I thought she was going to be my highschool sweetheart.” Solitude replies "Well not everyone can go the distance, ya know like Hercules." With a subtle chuckle at the end of his statement. Completely lost Justus replies "What?!" Solitude had a knack for this, expelling bad thoughts through a constant series of positive reinforcement and various awful on the fly references. “You know like Hercules that Disney movie that got realesed like maybe two months ago!" Justus sees his attempt at awful humor and brushes it aside. "Let's get out of here I'm done eating and I need to meet my uncle soon." ... Justus arrives at his uncle Karem's house. He is supposed to take Justus out to learn how to drive. The morning is still upon the driveway, as the light peaks into the neighborhood it seems to be 10 o’ clock in the morning. As Justus walks up to the front door his uncle is already preparing to open it. "You got here early!" Karem belts into the open air. "Hey uncle I didnt want to keep you waiting." Always on time and punctual, some of Justus's trademarks. "Come out to the back boy she's already to go and tuned." He waits for a second. "Are you nervous?" Justus stammers, "t,t,t the only reason I'm nervous is cos I've never seen mom drive stick." Karem being sensitive to the situation at hand looks at Justus "Don't you worry boy, once you can drive stick it makes automatic seem that much simpler, you'll become a better driver because of it. No nephew of mine is gonna get caught blindsided one day not knowing, you need to be prepared.” He nods in agreeance and presses forward. His uncle Karem showed him the vehicle he was going to be driving, a T100. It was just a little white beat up Toyota pickup truck. He didn't drive it daily, he drove another vehicle to work. This was just his "In case shit" vehicle is what he called it. They got in and pulled out of the driveway. They weren't going very fast about every 5 or 10 ft Justus would stall it. He was not getting used to the pressure of the clutch and the gas being used in unison. It looked as though they could be in a commercial for perseverance or drive, as you see the small white Toyota puttering down the dirt road stopping every so often. Seems like Justus was only having trouble from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. During takeoff grand. After third smooth sailing. Everything between, was a disaster but this is the learning process in full color. After some time Justus let's go of reality and instead of taking it as seriously as he does his music or as seriously as any other learning process he actually starts to have fun. The driving starts to flow. This becomes more of an activity than a chore. Him and his uncle start to bond, they have never been this close. Justus starts to share stories of mischief he's gotten into that his mother doesn't know about. Karem starts telling stories about his driving past when he was young and reckless. Explaining the moral of the stories and telling Justus what not to do. All while having laughs over the past experiences. It is at this point they're getting so caught up in banter back and forth that Justus stalls it once more, the lurch of the vehice forward places them upon railroad tracks. He can get easily distracted, he knows this. Feeling sorry he apologizes. "Sorry uncle I was doing so good I just got caught up in conversation." They were out in the middle of nowhere so the railroad tracks had no railroad barriers that came down to let you know when the train was approaching. Karem reassuring Justus "It's okay, it happens, there's no train in site we've got time. Ease off the clutch and ease on to the gas like you've been doing." Justus for once feeling under pressure in front of a family member. This was not a familiar feeling. Suddenly the lights and the Sirens from the railroad crossing light up. There may not be barriers but all the other bells and whistles still work. The train is approaching Karem can see it rounding the corner it's about a half-mile out and accelerating at incredible speeds. Both Justus and Karem now realizing the severity of the situation. But Justus would need to complete this himself. His uncle knew it would help build character. The conversation quickly turned from "Ease off, ease on" after a few attempts, and immediately re routed to "FLOOR IT AND DUMP YOUR LEFT FOOT!" The two made it off the track just in time for a near miss. The train roars by unforgiving of any obstacles, horn blaring from the conductors helpless seat. Justus with a shit eating grin from the adrenaline rush looks at his uncle Karem "you okay uncle you look as white as I did my first performance?!" laughing and in a complete high. Karem is quiet. His uncle politely steps out of the unmoving vehicle and makes his way to the driver side he tells Justus to get into the passenger side. "Make your way to the other side, this concludes today's lesson. You scared me half to death boy " Justus still smiling ear to ear "thanks uncle that's what I needed to get my mind of my ex." He continues " Now if I could only understand what's going on with Mom she's been standoffish, private and coughing a lot lately she says it may be bronchitis but I don’t know. "Karem leaves no room for thought "no need to worry nephew she has an appointment in a few hours at the doctor find out what's going on." Justus not accepting at face value. "It seems like she has been going fairly often and you're telling me they still haven't found out what's wrong?" Karem thinking on his feet, "Maybe she's just been going for women things, you know your mother is getting up there in age she could be experiencing menopause." Justus always thinking, loses himself in thought for the drive home. 1999 Justus gets a call from Brye to get down to the hospital as soon as he can. He makes it there within minutes the whole family seems to be there and in waiting. Even Ms. Day made an appearance. Justus does not know why he's called there yet. This would crush all life he knew before. This would also change the course of his life. " I got here as soon as I could.” Approaching his cousin "Who is it? Is everything okay?" The whole family seems to be shook and taken back. Then out of nowhere walks Justus's friend Solitude. He comes up and puts his hand on Justus’s shoulder "How are you doing man?" Justus replies frustrated. "I will be a lot better once someone tells me what is going on!" He looks towards his cousin immediately his heart drops " no!" He starts to tear up. "Is she going to be okay?" He realizes it's his mom this is why she's been coughing all those times, being private and standoffish. Brye responds slowly and she chooses her words wisely. "The doctors told us she has lung cancer" this alone was enough to crack even the strongest man at the core. “It's spread through her body and reached her lymph nodes." Justus begins to weep having to try to numb himself before he reaches the biggest pain ever, seeing his mother this way. Brye proceeds, " They will try one more invasive surgery to try to remove the mass of it, but." Justus hanging on every word. "But what?!?" Brye reluctantly further explains. "But she could lose her life in the process." Brye beggining to get choked up. " This cancer has been on the rise and it seems to be at full strength at the moment, her body has been weekend and will undergo intensive trauma." Justus sniffling and tears running down his face "Now what?" He manages to squeeze out. His cousin speaks up once again " we have already made our peace and said our goodbyes.." Justus jumps in "Your goodbyes?! She is not going anywhere, she is going to be fine!" Brye presses on though she knows she is causing pain to Justus, she must be blunt. For the both of them. "So we've been waiting so that you may do the same, this could be the very last time you see her so make your words count" Justus couldn't mentally prepare himself for what he would see next. He starts to walk past his family, he takes his first steps up to the room. As he passes the last family member his uncle, he places his hand on Justus’s shoulder and let's him press forward. Slowly opens the stainless steel handle and presses against the wooden door. There he sees his mom Scylla laying on the bed, she looked like the first time he received his keyboard. Similar to an ornament under a Christmas tree with all the machines they had her hooked up to. There were lights flashing, beeping, constant monitor going on, and she had an oxygen tube in her nose. His heart sinks he has never seen his mother in such a bad position. She was always such a strong independent woman. Scylla looks over as he steps through the threshold of the door. She turns in a weak manner and speaks. "Justus come lend me your ear boy, I've got some things I need to say." Justus gets closer as not to make his mother yell he starts walking across the room this must have been a longest 5 Seconds in his life. Where everything seems its going to be okay, right before the storm comes. He reaches the bed side. As Scylla starts to speak he interrupts her. "No I need to tell you some things." In this moment of life Justus feels he needs to atone for his wrong doings. He may never get to tell her about these again. "You know I've never been a bad kid, but I've done something's I'm not proud of." Scylla cuts him off there "Justus." she laughs "Everyone has done things they’re not proud of, hell put me on that list." Justus with a rebuttal, "No please listen, I'm sorry I was never able to see the signs before." "I should have seen this coming I, I, I, knew you were acting strange but I never knew what or that it could be this dee.” Scylla takes a breath and speaks again " it's okay, I made it so." Justus is confused "What do you mean?!" Scylla confidentially responds. "I hid it from you. I only let you see what I want you to see." Justus completely crushed now "What why!?" Now getting worked up and frustrated. " You have a gift, Justus something about you and the music that just click. If I put this burden on top of your head you wouldnt have accomplished nowhere near as much.” She is consise and blunt Justus begins to weep heavier. " You don't think I ought to know I thought it was just you and I, just the two of us." Scylla patiently waiting, says "Once I found out I had cancer, it was all about you. It's always been about you, why do you think I work those two jobs? to make sure that you had everything you needed. " She starts coughing as she ends her sentence. Tears still rolling down Justus’s face he picks up where he left off. "Remember our family dog. He didn't run off, I ran him over with the car when I was going to the store for groceries one night." Scylla laughs again and tears of joy roll down her face. "I bought that dog for you, as a companion. I don't care about that silly ass dog now." Justus continues still whimpering. "That's why the paint on the vehicle was always a wierd color towards the back wheel. It was the last thing I was concerned about and it ended up staining the paint." Scylla wipes her tears and tells Justus, "Yeah I always thought there was something that just didn't add up there." They both laugh at what little importance it carries now. "I went through a mud puddle" Scylla mockingly repeats Justus. "I know it was an awful lie and I apologize." " It's okay." says scylla. "Most important of all...." Justus says with great conscious. "I apologize for that day at school when I had my first performance." Tears start to result from Scyllas eyes as if free from restraint. " I had that song down backwards, sideways, I could do it in my sleep, with my eyes closed, blindfolded, even with one hand behind my back. For some reason that night the pressure just built on me. It added up, I couldn't make the world fade away and I didn't mean to let you down." They had never spoken of this incident since the occurance. He cries harder finally letting the biggest weight of all off of his chest. Scylla stares him down and sternly speaks. " I don't think you realize the level you’re at sometimes. You see things in bigger 'pieces,' like for instance, how you want the intended feeling or emotion for these songs that you write." She continues "So when it came to something like this I saw the bigger picture or the bigger 'piece' if you will, and I felt like I needed to push you as hard as I could cause you need to know what it's like to carry yourself when I'm not here anymore." Justus interrupts "Mom you're going to be fine!" Scylla lashes back, raising her voice and straining herself. "How many times have I told you not to interrupt me?” She hesitates and gtathers her thoughts. “I need you to do something for me, I need you to be an honorable man never take less than you deserve and know when it's time to back out. I need you to be a gentleman and always Court every woman with Grace." Getting choked up she continues. "I need you to be a man that can be trusted if no one can take you at your word then what have you got? I need you to be a hard-working man if you ever need something in life don't you ever go thieving or acting a fool you work for it no matter how long it takes or how hard you have to work for it. I need you to go out every day dressed as best as you can, this is, as if you're going to meet the woman of your dreams at any moment. I need you to remember that if you're going to eat and wear a nice outfit formally, put your tie on after you eat, save you a lot of headache. I need you to do everything with passion, be hungry in both love and life. I need you to go at everything with 100% but don't ever take it so seriously you forget to have fun or simply lose your way. Know when to be generous and compassionate. Not everyone is as intelligent as you are, but know when to humble yourself. You need to take a step back and put yourself in other people's shoes from time to time. In saying that I need you to be a man that helps others, greater happiness lies there, than helping yourself. This leads me to my next point about others. I need you to be a man that does what is necessary no matter how hard the decision or how unpopular it may be. I need you to push through that adversity. I need you to be a man that can appreciate greatness remember where you came from. If you can appreciate the greatness, you need to thrive on competition but never be ruled by it. I need you to be a man that doesn't stand still as the world passes by I need you to continually push through. You are a shark, we need to keep swimming. Lastly I need you to be a man that lives with a purpose. This is a purpose far greater and beyond your own personal gains but it comes with time so don't rush it." Scylla knew Justus would not remember every word. Scylla knew he would probably not do as she asked, for sometime. Before things get better theyve always got to get worse. Scylla knew that men were stubborn creatures and you can't teach a man anything you can only help him Discover it in himself. However she said what needed to be. Nothing more nothing less. Just then the doctors come in, nurses, and also techs. One of the doctors speaks up "okay we're going to need to take your mother into surgery now you're 10 minutes is up unfortunately young man." It felt like he was in there forever, suddenly his Rose Colored Glasses were smacked off of his face and he was brought back to reality. Justus watched them haul her Gurnee off along with all the machines she was hooked up to. Just before she went though those french like, double wooden doors. She did something that always stuck with them. She kissed her two fingertips, index and middle then put her hand up as if it was the glass of a prison visit. This was their thing, Justus kisses his hand and puts it up into the air as well as she disappears from sight. Justus sinks he doesn't have a good feeling about the surgery and it's almost immediately as he sees his mom disappear from View. He can't stand to look at his family, or even talk to them, and wait with them during the entire surgery. So he leaves the hospital. Recently he had been talking to Teal, the prettiest girl in town. He figured it was time to go grab a beer and get his mind off of things. "Why not lose myself, to grasp some peace of mind?" Justus thought feeling cold inside. 2002 Justus is at a another party. One where he doesn't know who any people are nor does he know how he got there. He's just looking to kill time and take his mind off of things. It's been three years since his mom passed. That's three years of hard partying falling into the wrong crowd and hanging out with the wrong girl. See teal had a way with him she knew just how to push Justus's buttons. At first everything seemed fine. Then little by little old baggage started to come into light. First it was like ‘oh I do some freaky things.’ Whatever, to Justus that's acceptable. Next thing you know, 'oh I've done this or that drug.’ Things then quickly begin to escalate and you really start to question your character judgment. Finally it's gets to that point where you find the person doing that drug. Justus at this point conforms, he falls into a dark circle or a downward spiral. With drug addiction in hand. To a place that can lead to no good, he has lost his mother. This was his one only true friend. The girl that came along after to mend the pieces? She is so lost she couldn't even find the front door. Why is it the shallow girls usually end up off the deep end? Justus hasnt composed a piece since his mother's death. He seems to have lost all drive motivation and light. You would think that this would be the end for ol Justus. Until one Saturday night Justus received a call from his uncle Karem. "Hello" says Justus. Karem responds with an expression of surprised none the less. No one has been able to get a hold of Justus in years. No answer, no text, no calls, no emails, nothing. "Hey I need to talk to you, I need you to meet me on Road 220 heading west about mile marker 15?" Says Karem. Justus peers around the party that he is at. Most people are too twacked out to even understand the conversation he is having. Justus can tell that it's on a decline. "Yeah sure I've got some time uncle, quick question you got a few bucks on you? " Caught off guard Karem responds " uh, uh, yeah I got some money on me? I'll meet you there however much you need when we get there I'll give it to you." Justus happily accepts I'll be there in 20" Karem spits out his beer "20 minutes?! Where in the hell are you?" Justus real hesitant replies "Just a little ways outside of town." The town they lived in wasn't big and usually didnt have a lot of traffic on the roads. "Okay I'll see you then and drive safe !!" Karem leaves off on. He sits there patiently waiting hoping Justus will arrive. He made a promise to Scylla and would keep it. After sometime Justus pulls up to the location his uncle described. Wouldn't you know it, it happened to be the train tracks that Justus and him would first stall the T100 on. "I'll be damned uncle I didn't even recognise this place!" Karem replies, hoping off the hood of his el Camino and walking towards Justus. Already sinking in his point to the meeting. "Sometimes you can forget what a place looks like when you lose your way." Justus becomes standoffish "if you're here to tell me how I should live my life and that I need counciling it's not going to get through, I'm fine" Karem responds quickly "with your shrinking waistline and your mental state I'm sure you could stand to use a few words or a little bit of counseling." Justus starts to make his way back to the car not wanting to hear what his uncle has to say. Karem retracts "Look I just want to talk to you, I'm sorry. Remember the old days and we could just sit around bullshit forever ?" Justus stops in his tracks, back still turned to Karem. "Remember the old Justus, remember when we went out and I was teaching you how to drive stick and we had that thing stalled out on these here tracks?" Justus replies " That kid is dead, along with his mother and any hopes of having a girl that cares for me as I am and not only for the potential of who I am to be!" Turning towards karem to face him. There is a 10 to 15 foot difference between them. No lights anywhere near, but the moonlight provided was sufficient. Karem knowing he might be wasting his breath states the following. "The Justus I know is somewhere still alive in there, deep, because he was the only one I knew that could depict the FEELING of being rained upon so well. I know that the kid I'm looking for deep in there, would have pushed through adversity like his mother wanted." Caught off guard by Karems words Justus was taken back to everything his mother said that day in her last moments. The way his uncle said it, triggered a memory that he's been trying to retrieve for years. " I finally got in touch with a good A&R rep and a fantastic agent/producer they finally heard your music, they want to work with you. At little cost, none the less. Youve got an extraordinary talent don't throw it away, cause this opportunity doesn't come around so often." Justus says frustrated arms outstretched, “Why should I? I've been trying for years now my one true friend that understood me, my mother was taken from me. I have no one and nothing. I'm Bumming in a friends flat. Finally my first opportunity at some happiness since my mothers passing, I organize a party and some crackhead sold my first Casio keyboard for drug money I have nothing anymore. NOTHING!!!!" Now at a yell and teary eyed Justus waits for a response. Karem realises that Justus needs to make this decision for himself, so he hands the card with all the information and numbers to Justus and waits for him to grab it. Justus follows through hesitantly and takes the card. This would be a stepping stone or a Monumental turning point in his life.........this would be a start to STARDOM.?

Justus snaps back out of memory and back into his mansion he is taken. He gets up from his chair easily scooting himself from up underneath the piano as he stands to his feet and walks across the room. "It was a lot of things that took for it to get me here but that was only the surface.” He thinks happily reminiscent of times past. He walks over to the bar and makes himself a drink it's a whiskey on the Rocks neat, but for some reason he feels he has to stir it with his pinky finger on his right hand as if the ice would dilute the alcohol and somehow mix together. Once again he thinks back and it takes a second, what did it take to get me from Stardom to here..............? 2004 Chapter 1............

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